Sunday 7 March 2021

The only leafy green we have these days

Dear Family & Friends

Let me show you my tough winter veggie - the 'Kale'. This is the only fresh leafy greens I could gather from the garden during winter season. They survive freezing temperature: deep frost or even covered by snow...they will droop a bit, making them look like palm trees, but will perk up once sun shines on them.

Before snow was forecasted, I quickly gathered an armful for kitchen's use. Glad I did - for at present our garden is still covered in snow...and it'll be a few days before I can harvest again. 

Thankful that we can still get free food from the garden to enjoy despite of the very cold season.  Most of all, this leafy green gets even more sweet and delicious during winter! This is God's goodness.  

There's always goodness around you. Every new day brings with it great hope. Stay safe, stay sane and never let the day go without enjoying it.


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