Friday 14 May 2021

The green gets greener

Dear Family & Friends

The green are definitely getting greener in our garden at this time. Let me show you: I'm not sure exactly what this plant is, but it is some form of succulent plant. It withstood our cold winter, so I plant to grow them as ground cover in parts of the garden. 

Let's check on the cherry tree...after the pretty blossoms all fell onto the ground, we can see that the bees have done a good job of pollination. We can now see young green fruits. As they grow bigger in the weeks to come, they'll turn red and juicy. YAY! Can't wait!

It's just so lovely to see the different tones of greens of various plants, and the texture and shapes never fails to ''wow'' us with their unique beauty.

We find plants popping up in places by itself...nature have ways to seed and grow themselves to surprise us. I usually let everything grow in our garden, including weeds as it's impossible for me to keep pulling them up....afterall, I find everything beautiful.

Let's all grow a garden and have great fun!


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