Saturday 8 May 2021

Perennial Borders Around my garden

Dear Family & Friends 

I tend to outline my garden beds with a border. I have recycled old roof tile as borders but they tend to house slugs and snails. Another more natural way is to make use of living borders.

In this vegetable area, I have several beds where I used chives to line as borders for the length of the beds. It also holds the soil from spilling into the pathway, besides, it's edible and beautiful too that comes year after year. Since my pathway between two beds are narrow, when in full bloom, my path disappears...and it is important to prune them to keep neat and to gain mulch resource!

Another perennial living border I used around paved space in the garden is the lavender plants. It marks the area well all year round and the fragrance and beautiful flowers are added bonus. It is also a bee friendly plant!

For a narrow paved pathway, I lined perennial grape hyacinth low growing bulbs as a border feature. It's absolutely stunning when in bloom and this plant multiplies so fast that I can divided them to accentuate and establish more pathway borders! With a living border that's bee friendly's great for the overall garden ecology.

Just some of the living border ideas we used in our garden that would possibly inspire you too. Happy gardening.


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