Friday, 8 October 2021

Roofers' work progress going great

Dear Family & Friends

We supervise our workers by taking photos of the work progress from our bedroom window! They're doing great job. We wanted to do this job ourselves but grateful that they're doing it for us instead. It's the best time to do roof jobs as the weather has cooled down now. They must have a great view up there!

Here you can meet the boys replacing some of the rotten wood beams where roof tiles will be relayed on. Can you see the little square house with a chimney - at the back of the men? That's where we live and work too! Our family's little house. Now you all know where to find us!

It's always a perfect beautiful autumn days over here - just the start but hoping it will last a bit longer. Hope you're all having the great day today too.



  1. I am always interested in what's happening at your new property. That new roof will be needed before you tackle the rest of the work. Thank goodness for men who will work on roofs; not for me!
    Homes in your country are made for real for food, big wood fired ovens; all so practical.
    Are you harvesting nuts yet? I am anxious to see your winter squash harvest too. My squash are so plentiful that I am giving them away; still lots left for me.
    Enjoy your beautiful home and garden.

    1. Thanks Rita. Glad to hear about your winter squash bounty - what a victorious joy! Summer this year was prolonged with intense heat that our pumpkins start fruiting so late - still catching with ripening. Walnuts just started raining down yesterday - first bucket:) Grateful for fixed roof - peace of mind when rain n snow arrives. Stay blessed Rita.


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