Friday 1 October 2021

What's coming with the old outdoor kitchen?

Dear Family & Friends

Time to update you with our outdoor kitchen renovation at the other house just for interest. In the photo: is the existing old kitchen for now. The green door is a room where food produce were stored (it's dark n cool in there). To it's left, is the homemade stone oven. It's only a small area but it used to be a place where village neighbors came to bake and share this fired oven to cook their breads or even roast meat together, in the time past. 

The plan is to retain the kitchen area. The roof and chimney will be upgraded this week, then we will also enclose the outdoor kitchen with big open window n glass door. We want to do this project ourselves ... it'll be a slow process... but it's for the joy we are aiming for. So, let's see what we can do!

Our week had been so busy and we try to cope with it all with a happy heart - as best as we could. I hope you all had a fulfilled week too! 


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