Thursday 19 September 2013

The Quince Tree

Dear Family & Friends

I think Quince Tree is an old fashion fruit tree...but since I'm not a very trendy person, I'm all for this tree.

We got two trees already in our garden when we moved in. I've never seen nor have eaten this fruit in my life then...When I saw the tree, naive me said, "Hey look! I think we got some pear tree!!" They are impressive looking fruits...big in size,and the tree seems to be always laden!

Very pretty Quince flowers, in spring time

The fruit hangs on the tree for a very long time compared to all other fruit trees that we have in our garden. They start flowering in spring and fruit develops and grow all throughout summer, but it won't be ready till about mid autumn! That's a good long month.

As the fruit grows bigger, it gets heavier and stems starts bending down due to its weight. Prop it up to aid it because the branch could snap and break!

You could laugh at me when I say this...but go ahead. A few times, my head got knocked by this silly fruit whilst weeding or walking underneath the tree. Man Vs Fruit: Sometimes, lessons are hard to learn. Fortunately, my poor head still remains with me, and the quince fruit manages to remain attached to the tree, yet, I must admit, the blow is quite painful!

The tree branches are, by this time, touching the ground with it's heavy weight!

The fruit is unique...but it needs to be cooked. It can turn into sweet stew or savory stew with slow cooked meat, or baked in with cakes, turned into fruit paste, candied or jam...endless possibilities.The locals normally just compote it...and it is a sweet smelling fruit! We normally leave them in a bowl sitting in a room for the fragrance:)

Every  year those two trees gives us buckets upon buckets of fruits....although they last for about three months without spoilage...yet, it's just too much. Do you think you could come over to to help us out?



  1. I used to have a quince bush. I wonder if they are just little trees? It only got one fruit once and then we moved. These look really interesting and yes, big!

  2. Wow, the fruits last that long? Maybe it will be good to dry for chips or fruit leather.

  3. Okay , I'll drop by later lol I wonder how it would taste without cooking it first ?!

  4. I've never had quince pears before. Interesting!

  5. I've never had a quince - These are huge - looks terrific! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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