Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beekeeping Update

Dear Family & Friends

Beeware! Or rather bee aware...:) Bees are beneficial and friendly garden creatures! Many of us think of bee as insect that stings....well, it's a misconception. If not threathened, they never do. I love being in the garden and bees buzzing around me.. They're constantly busy going from flower to flower, and they never bother me.

Since we got a live beehive, we fed our bees sugar water for a few weeks, to help them get establish and keep busy building their new home rather than spent a lot of time gathering food. But all these have paid off...we're not putting sugar water anymore because we noticed that the queen got the nest and there's even babies in there already feeding honey:) Next year, there should be enough honey for us too:)

one busy bee covered with pollen

We're so happy they settled well with us...and we added another frame for them to build more honeycomb. If this one hive goes well, we might fill the other one too. Hopefully we would find how to build or encourage another colony...because to buy a ready-made colony is not cheap!

Neighbouring field with beehives

There's so many people who keep bees for honey in our vicinity...some does it for business. We only have one hive and our aim is to have our own homemade honey....probably as we get more confident, we will get a few more colonies....for's all exciting time of learning.

Here's wishing you a lovely day today:



  1. Annie ,your own bee farm sounds wonderful ! With all those flowering plants in your garden , a beehive nearby will surely thrive :D Btw , love your delicious header !

  2. Hi Annie. We're back from our trip and I'm catching up with your blog. Your photos are very beautiful! I hope your bee project will be successful!


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