Friday 25 July 2014

One Weekend In Summertime

Dear Family & Friends

How do you spend weekend during summertime? When the weather gets so hot, I get restless... wanting to go out but not too far from the comfort of home. This was how the day went....

Every weekend, the meal menu would be grilled fish...quick, easy and it can be done outside, to keep the home kitchen cool.

Looking at the shape, it's obvious what my husband is grilling... right?
 While doing indoor little home sewing projects, I also got the rough guide book to check where we could go  for the afternoon...

Sewing and trying to read the rough guide at the same time?

In the end, we decided to go to a nearby place for a short ride and watched some little ducklings....

ducklings cooling in the grassy shade

It's so hot...but these little ones knows how to take shelter! Hmmmm, I do want to have some of those in our garden....they're so cute, right?

Coveting one of  these...

Can't stay out too long... summer heat droved us back home. Back to the garden... there, I've gathered some herbs to bring indoor...but got to put them in a bucket of water before they wilt!

A bunch of herbs from the garden, cooling in the bucket, while waiting to be put to use.

The big girl did the same...strolling in the garden, she found a nice surprise... one last perfect strawberry fruit hidden amongst the bush...

Found one more strawberry and it looks perfect!

Then, there's the courgette/zuchinni.... they grow by the minute in this hot weather!! I've got one green and one white for the meal table... I'm not sure which one taste better...the white one or the green one...but they do vary in flavour!

Which courgette do you prefer?

Well, that's us...that's what we did one restless weekend of a warm summer's day!'s weekend once came round fast! Hope your weekend will be a lot better than ours.



  1. It's pretty hot in here , too , few minutes outside and I'm sweating buckets *sigh* Even those ducks knows it as well lol Only 2 berries left ?

  2. Hello annie,
    we have hot summer weather,too. We love barbeque.Today we have grilled meat and zucchini,that was very tasty. I picked a few strawberries for a snack.My zucchinis grows really fast.I have yellow and green zucchinis in my garden,but a white zucchini is new for me.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs Regina

  3. Those ducks are adorable! How did you manage to take the photos? They are not afraid people? I love the look of the herb bouquet.


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