Wednesday 13 August 2014

One Busy Beehive In Our Garden

Dear Family & Friends

The garden is full of flowers at this time. I planted many flowers that bees and butterflies love in order to provide food for them. Flowers like Zinnias, Globe artichoke, echinachea, marigold etc.. Bees in particular, work so hard all their challenging short life. I feel that we should make way to protect and care for them in whatever way we could. Yes, in return, there's a reward for our effort...such as pollinators for our garden plants, honey from bees, and the beauty and life they bring into the garden:)

The beehive is opened for inspection

Today our bee supplier came to our house to aid and guide us in our beekeeping journey...because we are still in the "learning" process. He showed and explained to us what's going on inside the beehive at this moment. Yes, our bees are very happy... they are expanding their colony fast since they joined us late spring this year.  

This giant beekeeper friend of ours is not even well protected from possible bee sting

We saw many baby bees and stores of honey. At first we thought we might not get any honey from them this year, but upon checking, there will be plenty for them and enough for us to enjoy too:)

This wooden slat is almost full and covered with capped honeycomb

Every wooden slats were checked and it all look good in there:) We added more slats to enable them to expand their colony further.

There are several wooden slats with honeycomb now, which we started with just one 4 months ago

I have watched a lot of you tube videos on life of's very interesting to know more about these amazing creature that God created! I am so encouraged to make our garden an environmental friendly place for these insects. Right now, I'm working on planting rows of Lavender, Globe Artichoke, and Echinachea for the bees. These plants are perennials and are easy to care for.

We add the wooden slats gradually as we see their need for more 

If you have a garden, make it a friendly place for the bees...or even go further by having a will bring a lot of excitement.

All for now, wishing you a nice and happy day today:)



  1. This is absolutely fantastic friend! I think that we could all benefit from keeping bees! So beautiful....I would love to see more! Nicole xo

  2. I've always wanted bees! So great!!!

  3. Annie , that's really wonderful having a bee colony ! I'm pretty sure you'll be a great beekeeper :D

  4. I'm bit concerned the beekeeper was not wearing gloves ...what if?... oh man! My brother in law has bee farm too, his honey is strong,earthy, beautiful flavor.


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