Saturday 16 August 2014

Melons in Season

Dear Family & Friends

Summer is time for melon or melon like fruits such as cucumber, courgette/zuchinni...all ideal to cool us down and give comfort on hot days.

Cantalope melons from next door neighbour get passed through our dividing garden walls

By mid summer, watermelon can be bought for just under 10 pence/ cheap! This year, our next door neighbour grew honeydew and cantalopes in his garden, so we received some of his overflowing harvest:) I never tried growing melons because I think they like a lot of watering...but maybe I should try next year. 

Watermelon rinds can be pickled or stir fried...and they taste good!

Our meal menu these days seem to be full of cucumbers, courgette and even melons...fresh or cooked! Did you know that you can cook watermelon rind as stir fries? so with cucumber too! They taste great! 

Basil grows fast and are in abundance these days

As always, we make use of herbs with the seasonal fruits and veggies to alter and put more interest to meals. Basil comes handy these days. I'm not sure of the above basil variety which was a cutting we got from a friend. It's a varigated green and purple leaf basil...and it also got a taste of liquorice!

Life comes with seasonal fruits and veggies...isn't that wonderful? I'm grateful and we don't complain eating them again till the season is over.

Here's wishing you a day full of good fruits and abundance of life:)



  1. I'll stop by later to pick some basil , okay ?! I'm gonna make a pesto :D The cantaloupe looks gorgeous ! Never knew you could stir-fry watermelon rind !

  2. I would say that this is just wonderful....good growing eats and then more passed on to you from neighbors!!!! How lucky are you!! Happy eating and harvesting friend! Nicole xo

  3. You have a wonderful life!...that's what I think when I visit your blog.


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