Thursday, 11 September 2014

All Homemade

Dear Family & Friends

After the past weeks summer pruning ground direction assisting job given to my husband, it seems like there's not much gardening jobs that need urgent attention....oh yes, not quite true... there's the non-stop weeding to do...but at this time, that seem to slow down a bit due to cooling summer.

first thought....

Somehow, I started focusing on "in house" projects. The crochet lap blankets for the girls are called finished by now.

decided to carry on further...

Then, I felt lost, I need to continue on more homemade projects. So, a recycled old clothes quilt project has started. 

little squares of recycled old clothes 

This one's going to be another colourful,  no cost project. It's all hand sewing too. Easy to pick up or drop off as time permits.  

hand sewed squares

I still don't know exactly how it will end...but so far, it kept me well occupied!

embroidered letters... It was a challenging task!!

I have been drawn to homemade sewing here and there lately. In fact, just finished an embroidery batch for the toothbrush bottle holder. It did prettied up the plain recycled bottle which holds our toothbrushes. I wasn't sure about embroidering was hard for me and I was so intensed on what I was doing for a couple of hours one afternoon! Loving the finished project. It brings smile and a bit of humour to our daily health routine.

Art work of our two working princesses (they were 6 & 10 yrs old then)

This is a very big framed board which I filled up with four of the paintings the two girls, done 6 years's probably time for them to come up with more paintings ... but so far, their interest these days are more focused on language learning. I'm sure they'll give me more paintings to cherish, one of these days....

Crafting and homemade projects can keep us inspired in our daily living. What have you been kept busy with recently?

Wishing you a lovely and a day full of joy.



  1. Your blanket is beautiful! And looking at that clothes quilt makes me want to make one because I have a hard time parting with the beans pieces! I really like how you put all those paintings together that your girls made!! Outstanding things happening all around your home!!

    1. Thank you Nicole for your constant kind words and encouragement:) Making quilts out of your precious beans' pieces is a good idea...for keepsake or heirloom:) When I get my quilt blanket I piece together, my girls can still identify their old PJ, comfy t-shirt/dress or even underwears! Wishing you a lovely day with your family today:)

  2. Annie , those are pretty fantastic homemade projects :D The old clothes quilt reminds me of my Aunt who was really quiet good at making it .

  3. Nice! What a talented family! ...but where you find the time to do all that?


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