Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend Outdoor Grilling

Dear Family & Friends

Before the cold season draw on us, we try our best to enjoy outside cooking...usually on weekend Sunday when all of us are on our "rest day" of the week. Lunch will have to be super easy and so, grill fish is always on the menu.

Outside sink comes very handy for this.... and a brave husband;P

The outside sink is very useful for cleaning and preparing gutting fish etc.. (I know it is gross...but it is part of living) 

Mackrel Fish is a good oily fish...but grilling it means some oil splutter....Our master grilling chef is very meticulous ...he will set up his temporary shield for this kind of cooking:)

metal shield is a must...just in case grill starts spitting:)

Once cold weather arrives, all this weekend outside fish grilling routine will have to stop till next year once again.

We're people of routine...but even routine sometimes need changing for a variation:) Do you have some routine practiced in your home?

Wishing you lovely and beautiful days to enjoy.



  1. I think eating and cooking outside is so very fantastic! How wonderful that you all take advantage of it! Hope you had a lovely meal! Happy week to you!!! Nicole xo

  2. Annie , Sundays are grilling days when I was young :D I miss those days ! Is that a mackerel ?!

  3. Hi Annie, it's always nice to do grilling or BBQ outside the house. Me too miss those good old days when staying in landed property. Now stay apartment can only grill in the oven.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  4. Oh fun! I can almost smell the fish grilling!

  5. I don't have a sink in my backyard, but if I ever have a fresh whole fish at home I like to gut and scale it in the backyard rather than in the kitchen because as we learned in 2nd grade from our Thanksgiving stories about Squanto, fish makes excellent fertilizer! I always have something that could be growing better out there.

    Demetrius Guevara @ Solaire Gas Grills


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