Tuesday 4 October 2016

Peaceful holiday by the sea

Dear Family & Friends

Our little family is so used to peaceful life in our village that when it comes to choosing holiday...it just have to have more or less the same peaceful atmosphere. Off we went for a long weekend to the Black Sea. Summer holiday season is over by this time. Everyone is back to school and back to work. The intense summer heat has dropped...but it is still perfect for us, that we would still call it our summer holiday....and it is peaceful time:)

I'm a whippet, didn't go for a swim in the sea but enjoyed crochet and chocolate bar time instead:)

Most of the big holiday resort hotel by the coast closes down by end of September. In fact we were the last guest accommodated to book for the long weekend that we had. 

Our second night spacious  two bedrooms apartment hotel accommodation complex -for just 10 Euros/person!!

Since most of the holiday makers and guest already had their fill...everything seems quieter by then and we had the hotel pools all to ourselves. OK..probably the water is not as warm compared to some weeks ago....but our family team swimmers are strong that even a slight drop of temperature is not a bother!!

A relaxing family time in the jacuzzi - so relaxing we just had to put our feet up!

Other hotel facilities like the jacuzzi and saunas were left all to ourselves too. So we all put our feet up...and felt so much at home:) Everything seems for our private use but the price rate was charged to us for a much lower rate as it is already an off peak season! Now, that's what we call 'a good deal'! 

we took long walks on sandy beach

We had the use of the beach and sea coast all to ourselves too! OK OK....it was not that quiet ...because we still managed to get a glimpse of couple naked men flaunting their goods  in  places like this!!

we had empty beach to enjoy to ourselves - no need to swim into each other!

I have no photo to share with you of what I'm talking about ...my big girl didn't want it on her camera!!...thus there's no evidence of this in this blog post HA! HA! It's a shame that our seacoast these days are slowly infiltrated with such scenes!! The decay of our modern society...I'm sorry I don't approve this...but I will now digress from this topic for my own sake and sanity!

Sunny days with cool air...just perfect!

Our two girls are like mermaids...they just love swimming and made the most of the sea and the hotel pools all throughout the day. In between, we took some moments to explore the surrounding nature to appreciate it's beauty.

chilling out as the day comes to a close

It was also a time for our family to take moments of just relaxing. We all need to take some quiet moments and some breaks from our daily routine once in a while to get refreshed.

the smell of sea plus seaweeds reminds us of the summer seaside holiday
Part of a memorable seaside holiday is of course the enjoyment of eating seafood. Even better than fish and chips is the deep fried littles fishes that we snacked on. It's called 'tsa tsa'...even the name is so cute...freshly caught by the fishermen from the Black Sea bounty!

deep fried little seafood - we can snack on this all day without complain:)

We all agreed that we should probably have to make more of this weekend family trip whenever we see a slot in our schedule....it's good for our family and we always enjoy each other's company because we all seem to share the same likes:) - just pure pleasure!

From our family to yours....I wish you a good happy family time as every family deserves it! Have a wonderful day with each other too!



  1. Enjoyed your pictures and story of this peaceful little holiday. I agree with you it´s so much better to go out to the beach when it´s not crowded as in summer. We are always looking for the quiet places too.

  2. Looks like a great holiday, the type I'd enjoy!

  3. Off peak season is the best time to have a holiday. We get the advantage of lower rates and having all the facilities to ourselves. No crowd, less noise. It is good to have more family time.


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