Friday 25 May 2018

Learn a language - Focusing on Chinese Language

Dear Family & Friends

It's no secret that China is the next superpower of the world. So many things are changing so fast.  Are you keeping up with it all? Are you prepared? We firmly believe in guiding our children in life. Like most parents, we want the best for our children. One thing I encourage our children is  to learn foreign languages.

China these days...

When I started teaching them their ABC's and 123's at home, I also start introducing them to foreign language learning. No interest whatsoever - but I never gave up. When we left UK to make a new home in a foreign land, something clicked and the girls realized the importance of having language skills. Now both are linguist with 4-5 foreign languages they can switch on to.

The man is writing beautiful Chinese words on park pavement with brush and water

Language learning is a long process. My girls learn their languages by self teaching. As a mother, my role is to keep encouraging them. Top priority in our list is to learn the Chinese language, partly because it is our heritage, but most of all - it is the most beneficial language to have these days.

can you read the written characters?

Chinese is not an easy language. It requires a lot of memorization as they don't have alphabet to lean on. But, as you know it's not an impossible language to master as there are millions of Chinese people who speaks, read and write it!

Kind and humble character traits.

With the knowledge of the Chinese language, life would be easier when you go to China to discover the new world's superpower! You'll discover and understand such beautiful country and most kind and humble people in the world. Oh yes, of course you can explore the Chinese cuisine more if you can read the menu too;P

just one of the many regional chinese cuisine to try.

Not being a racist, but just giving an honest opinion on what best language to learn for the moment - both for career, business or travel success. I have always been so keen in learning languages but these days...I must admit that an old brain needs a lot of new brain cells to keep going. LOL

Wishing you a beautiful day!



  1. With much effort, I have improved slightly my understanding of Mandarin. I need more self discipline.

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