Wednesday 13 November 2013

Our Village Woke Up To Protest

Dear Family & Friends

We will be on National Television newscast protesting for and on behalf of our beloved village!

98% of the village population are against the idea of setting up a dumping place for big animal carcasses from around the country which will strategically be placed at the entrance of our peaceful village! It's environmentally UNfriendly and harmful to the health and welfare of the village residents! They should choose to do this somewhere else that's not a residential area. So far, our mayor is the only person who agreed to it because he already accepted a bribe for this project.

Bulgaria is well known for corruption, and it's never a secret! Our mayor's monthly salary is just around 500$ but he is now driving a brand new BMW 5 series!! Our next protest should be to take out corruption from government position!

I'm not a person who is inclined to political rantings but as this affects and involves us...we must stand for what is right. There will be more protest to come. Our poor elderly village population is not really up to this...but glad our village is waking up for this protest!



  1. How awful, Annie! Great Cause - I hope it made a difference! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  2. This is so not right. Setting up dumpster in pristine village? Insane project/idea....sad.


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