Thursday, 25 February 2021

The variation of honey


Dear Family & Friends

Honey varies in color and taste depending on what and where the honey bees forage their nectar from. In this photo, are two kinds of honey. The left one (reddish brown) is from our bee mentor/doctor friend who lives 10-15 minutes drive away from us. His area is full of linden trees where bees collect nectar from. 

Our honey is one on right with bright yellow orange color. Our bees collect nectar from nearby sunflower fields and our garden is full of orange color flowers too. Sometimes, bee experts says our honey got lavender and herbal scent to it too! That's what makes honey an amazing super food! 

I'm constantly amazed with these creatures that I always finds them a joy as my garden companion too. Look around you when you're outside...if you see a bee - you know they are a friend. Hope you enjoy your day and enjoy being outside under the sky too. Stay happy.


Saturday, 20 February 2021

Our bees in the winter

Dear Family & Friends,

You might wonder what happens to our honey bees out in the garden when deep freeze arrives.... Well, here they are. The hives are covered in snow...but we can hear them buzzing happily inside the hive for they are busy at work no matter what the weather brings: Caring for their queen, looking after the new babies and keeping the hive clean and warm using their wings' energy.

For this very reason, when we harvest honey in autumn, it's very important that we never get their share. For they need the food energy all winter long as there's not much food to forage in the garden at this time.   These creatures have definitely earned our highest respect! Without bees, I don't think the world will have enough food to eat.

Just my fun facts for you today....Hope you make the most of your day and make it great!!


Monday, 15 February 2021

A Grateful Friend

Dear Family & Friends

Can you spot another of my garden friend? Yes, playing hide n seek with me. Not very handsome looking and sometimes it frightens me - It's name is 'praying mantis' due to hand position...perhaps always grateful for all the food it can find in our garden!

It's always good to encourage and welcome all sorts of creatures into the garden - both pest and friends - for that nature's balance that is needed. Nature knows how to balance things out more than we do. If we allow nature to take their course with as little intervention as possible - it means: lesser work for us. Now, that's a good deal!

Hope you have a lovely good day this week too.


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Keeping the old outdoor kitchen

 Dear Family & Friends

The basement floor of our house next door is on a firm foundation by now. The next thing to do is just cosmetic work like laying floor tiles over it. But, before that, there's another step to do from the basement to the small outdoor kitchen. 

We are going to keep this kitchen - it looks awful now but it's stable and simply need cosmetic improvement. We'll enclose it with glass windows and door afterwards. It's a very interesting small kitchen with a big clay oven. In the past, this kitchen is a place where other villagers comes to share the pit-fire oven to bake their breads together and even roast a whole lamb inside as a community! 

Hope you are all keeping well...keeping busy and always overcome the chaos that we hear around us. Stay happy.


Friday, 5 February 2021

Running late but sow them in

 Dear Family & Friends

These are the variety of flowering bulbs I planted last week while it was raining and freezing cold. Made 150 holes and proper spacing for each bulbs!! As I was already running very late to sow these bulbs...I really didn't have the choice but to brave the weather - it was now or never! It's sometimes like that in life: We have to always take the opportunity when we see it. 

Just look at the different selection of bulb seeds...beautiful, Isn't it? would look even nicer later when they start flowering in the garden! JOY! JOY!  

Hope your new week would be as fulfilling with hopes and dreams too!


Sunday, 31 January 2021

Unusual winter 2021

 Dear Family & Friends

It's a warmish day here... With all the winter snow storm we hear over the news... I wonder where our winter's gone? I think our share of it has been taken away. Since I'm not a fan of snow, it's a welcome bit of a break....just hope it will not make an unusual appearance much later than it should!

Whilst out in the garden, enjoying sunlight for some free vitamin D, I also took the opportunity in admiring the great wonder of nature surrounding me. It makes me so thankful in life. 

I saw lots of bees coming out of their hives too...mainly young bees having their flying lessons. I thought about their great character:  very hardworking creatures, carrying responsibilities for their colony in unity - to which they gain strength and success for their it  too cold or too hot - they still make it!

Hope you're all staying safe and happy too.


The world is full of beauty

Dear Family & Friends

This mushroom photo taken some couple of months ago just reminds me just some of the most beautiful creation that surrounds us each day. Fascinating in every details .. don't you agree? Despite all the news and never ending chaos going on around the world...but if you just look what's near and around you, with appreciation, you will actually notice that there is so much blessings that we need to thank God for everyday.

Let's not watch or read too much news that makes us anxious, or think too much of what's ahead of us because there's time and season for everything. Stay focus on what we have to do today and DO it! I'm telling this to myself too - Hope your day is full of blessings!


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Crocheting blanket in winter days

Dear Family & Friends

I made this crochet blanket for the other house - in just a couple of weeks. Now my hands are getting restless once again! Winter season force me to stay indoor, so I take the opportunity to do a lot of needle work projects. I also ventured into making other interesting cute crochets that my merchant girl commissioned me to do for her. I'll tell you all about it later. 

In my quiet moments while crocheting, I plan my day in my head too. It's a very calming and therapeutic session - specially when the crochet motif is simple and repetitive. Something that is very beneficial when days are old and miserable.

Let's all look forward to a great new week!


Thursday, 21 January 2021

My yearly messy garden

Dear Family & Friends

With so many fruit trees and all shed their leaves each year for the long winter nap....This is what my garden looks like in late autumn season -MESSY! With one big gush of wind, the fallen leaves will be blown to a corner - so I never bother to clean them up.

 - The mess will be a blanket for little garden creatures in cold season. By spring they will compost to feed my soil! That's the beauty of nature and it's I have to cheer up even if it's 'game over' time for now.

The mess is most welcomed in our garden - for it will be a blanket for little garden creatures in cold season. By spring they will compost to feed my soil! That's the beauty of nature and it's season...Isn't that amazing - definitely brings a big smile this a gardener like me who enjoys whatever nature works out perfectly. 

Hope you have a great week too.


Saturday, 16 January 2021

Working for my merchant girl

Dear Family & Friends

Do you like the cherry crochet I've done? It's so easy and quick to do...I'm making this for my merchant girl's use, to incorporate in her new product range design for this new year! It's nice to work for her, she gives me lots of beautiful smiles!

It's a miserable day here...very cold with a bit of snow and rain too. The forecast for coming week is even colder - we could start going down to -15C. But just like everything - it's all just passing by. Although we're stuck in the house, yet we're very busy, happy and inspired with works we're creating! 

Hope you are finding all the inspiration for your day too. Stay happy.


Monday, 11 January 2021

Times goes by

Dear Family & Friends

Some weeks ago, in the photo is how our quince tree looks like - so beautiful and it's fragrance fills the garden too. Now of course - all fruits have dropped and leaves turned yellow, just waiting to fall. It's the last of the fruit trees in our garden to go to sleep for winter. You see, time moves on...everything goes, we must use our time wisely. Everyday turns to a new day, so, there's always hope that awaits us. Isn't that wonderful?

All of us get anxious about this and that in life - more so these days. We too have those days despite having each other to talk with - but the most comforting is our faith and trust in God that reassures us all is well and His peace just fills us up.  Praying for that peace to be with you all too.


Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Pumpkin time once again

Dear Family & Friends

It's time to enjoy our pumpkins harvest! I have more than enough pumpkins from my garden to eat and keep to last for a long time without rotting - if stored in a cool room. With about 30+ big pumpkins, it will feed us from October last year till Feb/March! 

So, time for pumpkin soup with a crusty bread to keep us fed and warm. We're always happy with pumpkin dish every week, - for who doesn't want sweet, healthy delicious pumpkin?! 

Let me show you some of the pumpkins we got from the garden. These are butternut pumpkins and some of them grew to enormous size! Just one can be a pumpkin dishes for a whole week!! I like growing them because it's a good vegetable and it keeps well too. 

You need a garden space as they like to crawl everywhere and take a long time to mature (7-8 months!) Still worthy to have in the garden! 

Wishing you all the best of the year to come. Life is good.


Friday, 1 January 2021

On being persistent

Dear Family & Friends

This mushroom photo from our garden puts a big smile on my face, for it got a 'persistent' character. Mushroom usually sprout in moist compost with humidity...but this one shoots out of our building pebble piled in one corner of the garden.

Not everything in life is easy. Always give the best in what we do, to work that is set before us. Don't be easily discouraged - but 'persist' TILL victory comes - Know that God helps when we call. 

Hope you all make today a great new day too!


Thursday, 31 December 2020

Pomagranate pasta salad


Dear Family & Friends

The pomagranates are still sitting beautifully in the kitchen.  We tested one pomagranate fruit...the edible seeds inside taste slightly sour but very juicy and refreshing! 

I decided to sprinkle the attractive edible pomagranate seeds onto pasta salad dish. Along with the cooked pasta, I mixed a canned tuna, spring onions, shredded arugula. The dressing is just olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt & pepper...then sprinkled it with pomagranate seeds - which made the salad dish so beautiful. No pic was taken as everyone was so hungry and everything just disappeared. It was delicious.

Keep well everyone and always rejoice for life is good. Let's all look forward to another good year. Wishing you a happy new year 2021!


Saturday, 26 December 2020

Our first pomagranate fruits

Dear family & friends

Our very first pomagranate fruit harvest! Isn't that exciting?! We only got 3 fruits from this tiny tree! Hopefully, next year it will give us more. I'll talk to the tree and make a negotiation...for we want to try fresh pomagranate juice that is enjoyed in middle-eastern countries. 

Let me show you how beautiful the redness of a pomagranate fruit. It certainly is the color of winter holiday! These days, all we hear is the craziness of whether people are allowed to party or not....We're not into social - so it doesn't bother nor affect us at all. ... and we are all keeping happy for life is constantly exciting over here!

Remember that happiness comes from within, for as long as you don't let outside circumstances to take over you. Have a lovely holiday.