Friday 9 September 2022

The Lord has dealt bountifully with us

Dear Family & Friends

Despite the extreme hot day, Robert had to wear his bee suit as he need to harvest more honey from our hive! It's full again - our second harvest! 

So far, 30 kilos harvested -more than enough for our whole year supply. Besides pure honey, bees help maintain a very fruitful garden too. 

The Lord has dealt bountifully with us. May the Lord bring His guidance and blessings to your day too.

Enjoy your weekend with each other. Fill it with lots of stories n laughter together.


Friday 2 September 2022

More greeneries and wildlife

Dear Family & Friends

Years of developing, planting and growing - our garden is now established with full greeneries. It makes a lot of difference to our environment:  cooler, fresher, abundant, and entertaining! 

This is also home to many happy creatures that helps me with garden pest control. Yes, we like wildlife!

Keep your hopes high and have fun with all the challenges this week. Have a good week.


Saturday 27 August 2022

First honey harvest for the year

Dear Family & Friends

The honey harvested from our beehive is extracted by spinning them inside this big metal drum. Then, I just open the tap to drip the honey into bottles. Our first harvest this year yielded 30 kilos of honey! - probably more to come!

It took thousands of bees to make a bottle of pure honey! Extracting honey takes few hours work: mainly cleaning up the metal drum n sticky floor afterwards. But, all the hard work is worth it.

That's my interesting story for you today. Have a good week everyone.


Friday 19 August 2022

What's in the garden today?

Dear Family & Friends 

My harvest today: Amaranth leaves, green beans, basil leaves, zuchinni/courgette, calendula flowers. There's more to pick but I always ran out of time as I need to do other chores and the sun intensifies as I linger on!!

The hardest part of gardening is not the growing - it's the harvesting that takes a lot of work and time!

Growing our own food is fun. Wishing you are all having gardening fun too.


Friday 12 August 2022

Happy customer is important

Dear Family & Friends

This photo was posted by a happy French customer of ShopLaLisa upon receiving her ordered jewelries. It always makes us happy when we get feedback and appreciation for the effort put in the goods that's sold.

Lisa pays much attention to her design - including the secured and pretty packaging. My contribution to this - is the pink paper that I patiently cut as packaging cushion. (Mother's always there to support their children.)

Never limit ourselves to what we can do - be it big or small. Have a great week everyone.


Friday 5 August 2022

No cost gardening

Dear Family & Friends

Found this big block of rock with a small hole in the center. I planted a succulent.. yes, it will grow with just a bit of soil. 

My way of gardening doesn't need to cost anything - just spent a bit of creativity. ;)

Have fun in the garden everyone.


Friday 29 July 2022

Canterbury Bells

Dear Family & Friends

It's my first time to grow this ''Canterbury bell flower'' in the garden. Beautiful - Isn't it? 

The bees loves them too. Can you see the bumble bee hovering?

Have a great week.


Friday 22 July 2022

No basket consequence

Dear Family & Friends

This is what happens when I forget to bring a basket when I go to my vegetable garden...I end up using my own dress to hold the green beans harvest. Everyday I find more and more beans to pick.

Have a nice day everyone.

Yoursg my own dress to hold the green b

Friday 15 July 2022

Eat local - mulberry

Dear Family & Friends

Have you heard of mulberry? The leaves are food for silk worms. It's also medicinal tea to clean our liver. In the photo are very sweet white mulberry fruit I picked- it's our No. 1 favorite over here. 

Mulberry is not sold in market or supermarket because it ripens very fast! - even after harvested.

Choose to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables that's in season, It's cheap and is ''best'' food for our health -in accordance with the climate where we live in. All with reason. 


Friday 8 July 2022

Quick change - time goes

Dear Family & Friends

This garden pathway is lined with lavender bushes and chives on both sides. Last week I cut all the purple chives flower you see in this photo. It was starting to fade n the pathway was getting too crowded. (the chives will grow back again). 

But just look how the same pathway changed it's look so quickly! The lavender have now replace the purple color back to this pathway- it's in full bloom once again. 

Time goes fast, doesn't it? Specially when you are out in the garden. Let's always see the best of each day this whole week. 


Friday 1 July 2022

Staking Tomato with extra care

Dear Family & Friends

I'm serious about getting abundant tomatoes this year- to beat last year's failure! Tomatoes will grow very tall and their fruits can be too heavy for them to stay upright. 

So, we took time to put up ''A frames stakes'' for tomatoes to grow on with the help of the string! It's crazy.. but I planted about 100 plants this year!! I got out of control!!

With warm days, tomatoes start bearing fruit! Fresh tomato salad on menu soon. I'll also freeze a lot of tomatoes for when winter comes, plenty to use for cooking! 

Gardening is so rewarding in every way. Let's enjoy outdoor fun thru growing.


Friday 24 June 2022

Garden season changes beautifully

Dear Family & Friends

A few weeks ago, my herbal sage plants were all budding and looks like this.

Now, it is in full bloom. My camera don't do justice to it's beauty because it looks much more beautiful in intense in colors!

The beautiful garden stages change a lot as weeks goes by. Life is full of beautiful seasonal changes - all for good - for as long as we trust in God. Have a peaceful day everyone.


Friday 17 June 2022

Planting on pathways

Dear Family & Friends

Planting on edges of pathways gives it a soft look and I grow mine with plants that's both decorative and edible. These are chives with edible leaves and edible purple flowers. 

But look! Another edible feathery plant grew itself too - a dill! I'll take this one out and use it in our kitchen, as Dill becomes a big bushy plant - not very suitable in a pathway.

Keep inspired and always look forward with courage and creativity - specially these days.


Friday 10 June 2022

My very first home grown Asparagus tips

Dear Family & Friends

Look! My one and only asparagus came forth this year! Asparagus is grown from root crown and quite expensive to buy, considering one is never enough! But a kind neighbor gave us a few roots which we planted carefully last year - 

So far, only 3 plants came out but I hope there'll be more later, so we can enjoy our own home grown fresh asparagus tips! 

I dream BIG, and hope HigH!! Yes, we are all entitled to do that! Have a good day everyone.


Friday 3 June 2022

Salad mix fresh and free

Dear Family & Friends 

Here's my 10 varieties of fresh vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, collected daily to make a colorful and healthy raw salad mix: red & green lettuce, arugula leaves, beetroot leaves, red radishes, spinach, chives flower, calendula flower petals, dill, onion n parsley.   

We all love fresh and free garden to table meal = just like the rabbits do! Natural and tasty food that's good for us. Hope you are all keeping healthy, joyful and safe too. Have a great week.