Friday, 1 July 2022

Staking Tomato with extra care

Dear Family & Friends

I'm serious about getting abundant tomatoes this year- to beat last year's failure! Tomatoes will grow very tall and their fruits can be too heavy for them to stay upright. 

So, we took time to put up ''A frames stakes'' for tomatoes to grow on with the help of the string! It's crazy.. but I planted about 100 plants this year!! I got out of control!!

With warm days, tomatoes start bearing fruit! Fresh tomato salad on menu soon. I'll also freeze a lot of tomatoes for when winter comes, plenty to use for cooking! 

Gardening is so rewarding in every way. Let's enjoy outdoor fun thru growing.


Friday, 24 June 2022

Garden season changes beautifully

Dear Family & Friends

A few weeks ago, my herbal sage plants were all budding and looks like this.

Now, it is in full bloom. My camera don't do justice to it's beauty because it looks much more beautiful in intense in colors!

The beautiful garden stages change a lot as weeks goes by. Life is full of beautiful seasonal changes - all for good - for as long as we trust in God. Have a peaceful day everyone.


Friday, 17 June 2022

Planting on pathways

Dear Family & Friends

Planting on edges of pathways gives it a soft look and I grow mine with plants that's both decorative and edible. These are chives with edible leaves and edible purple flowers. 

But look! Another edible feathery plant grew itself too - a dill! I'll take this one out and use it in our kitchen, as Dill becomes a big bushy plant - not very suitable in a pathway.

Keep inspired and always look forward with courage and creativity - specially these days.


Friday, 10 June 2022

My very first home grown Asparagus tips

Dear Family & Friends

Look! My one and only asparagus came forth this year! Asparagus is grown from root crown and quite expensive to buy, considering one is never enough! But a kind neighbor gave us a few roots which we planted carefully last year - 

So far, only 3 plants came out but I hope there'll be more later, so we can enjoy our own home grown fresh asparagus tips! 

I dream BIG, and hope HigH!! Yes, we are all entitled to do that! Have a good day everyone.


Friday, 3 June 2022

Salad mix fresh and free

Dear Family & Friends 

Here's my 10 varieties of fresh vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, collected daily to make a colorful and healthy raw salad mix: red & green lettuce, arugula leaves, beetroot leaves, red radishes, spinach, chives flower, calendula flower petals, dill, onion n parsley.   

We all love fresh and free garden to table meal = just like the rabbits do! Natural and tasty food that's good for us. Hope you are all keeping healthy, joyful and safe too. Have a great week.


Friday, 27 May 2022

The distiller

Dear Family & Friends

Finally we unboxed our ''Aladdin's Pot''!! - a cooking pot to process our Lavender harvest for oil n hydrosol. We could also extract other herbs that we grow abundantly in the garden.

This won't process a lot of oil for mega orders, but it's good enough for a few bottles n good for demonstration process. It's not made of gold - just copper but looks so pretty!

By summer (July/August) when our lavender are in bloom, we will try and extract oil n hydrosol with the help of this distiller. Herbal oil are used mainly for cosmetic n medicinal purposes.

In simplest term, the process of steam distillation involves heating the plant matter to a boiling point, capturing the essential oil vapors as they rise, then cooling the vapors n allow to condense back into liquid so the oil can be collected.

Just sharing you some inspired interest on our life's journey, as it might be an encouragement for you too. It's good to take interest n keep moving forward - makes life more fun too. Wishing you all a peaceful n relaxing weekend.


Friday, 20 May 2022

The exciting weekend

Dear Family & Friends

This stork came to perk on the electric post outside our house - on our weekend! It stayed long enough for me to take a photo but my camera was not capable of zooming up closer. 

Then, the bird decided to make a loud clucking noise, that two other big beautiful storks flew in so low just above our garden - it was an awesome sight to see 3 very ''elegant'' birds so close!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too. 


Friday, 13 May 2022

Growing my investment

Dear Family & Friends 

Here's how we grow potatoes in our garden. We need seed potatoes (just left over old little sprouting potatoes.) A bag (1.5 kilos/about 45 potatoes) from the market cost 1 US$ only!

I buried each into deep hole, water and cover it with soil. Then lay mulch (hay) on top so the soil will stay moist longer. Potatoes like to be watered to develop many big fat roots underneath - which is the potato!

When the top green leaves/plant dies off after a few months, it is time to dig them up to store or cook with. 

It's exciting to harvest potatoes! It is like investment. You bury one potato n after a few months, it will multiply into so many potatoes! Secured n easy investment that yields very good return!

Let's all remain fruitful and have a great day.


Friday, 6 May 2022

Hazelnuts working it's abundance

Dear Family & Friends

Can you see the honeybee gathering pollens on this hazelnut flower? It's an early spring flower favorite for their honey production! I love listening to the happy buzzing bee noise in the garden as they work. A garden is not the same without the bees.

Just look at all the flowers hanging on our nut tree! Since so many bees are pollinating them, I can expect a bumper crop of hazelnut to snack on this year too!! God created hardworking creatures to help produce food in our garden. The abundant provision is wonderful.

It's been perfect weather for garden work - not too hot yet, so I take advantage. My body complains a lot, but the Adrenalin keeps me going! The garden is looking beautiful everyday - my big reward. Enjoy your day today.


Friday, 29 April 2022

Time to eat the flowers

Dear Family & Friends

We have been eating green kale and sprout leaves all winter, but now the plants are beginning to shoot out flowers...So, it's time to eat the crunchy stems, baby leaves and new flowers before they turn into seeds. 

Just give a quick simple stir fry with these green and it's so delicious. We can never find these kind of greens sold in our market or supermarket - and that makes it so worth growing!

It's growing a garden season for us here, so I'm taking the advantage and the joy. 


Friday, 22 April 2022

Let's be kind

Dear Family & Friends

This is a honey bee. The pollen on her legs is collected from dandelion flower. Her tongue protruded from what had killed her. In spring, dandelion weeds are the first food for bees. This bee died from weed killer. For what we call weeds in nature - is food for bees. 

Please do not spray weeds since this is their only food source when other flowers and fruit trees haven't start blooming - at which time, there is so much more weeds than flowers or fruit tree blossoms. 

If there are no bees, there won't be food crops, and the world will all starve. 

Just something I want to share for awareness. Let's be kind to each other and to all creation: great and small.


Friday, 15 April 2022

Spring shows


Dear Family & Friends

The fruit trees are now waking up. Spring time is here and it's very obvious in our garden. You can even feel the joy as birds gets chirping and the bees are buzzing everywhere. The flowering bulbs appears and fills the air with fragrance too.

If you notice, the flowers bloom on bare branches before the leaves develop. It's very clever...because the bees can pollinate each flower without the leaves in their way. Then every flower will eventually turn into fruits. God's amazing design!

The garden is keeping me busy and sleep comes as soon as my head hits the pillow! Nothing better than this. Hope you are all keeping good in every way too. Have a great week.


Friday, 8 April 2022

Our dear honeybees

Dear Family & Friends

Let me share this fact with you. It's very close to my heart - my dear garden friends: our bees.

Next time you have some honey, please don't forget to lick the teaspoon clean.

Have a good day.


Friday, 1 April 2022

Have a blessed day

Dear Family & Friends

Come, let me show you the ''still in progress'' guest house, and the garden while it looks bare and dull in our winter season. Just behind the guest house - on right, you can even see a square house with a chimney - our little house where we live. 

The garden looks empty- but there's so many tiny plants are already growing under the mulch of hay. Very soon it will be filled with all sorts of colors. I'm already seeing buds forming and sprouting! Very exciting but there's more to do!!

God is always good. Let's not forget all His blessings. Have a blessed day.


Friday, 25 March 2022

More plushie collectibles


Dear Family & Friends

The ''cow plushies'' collectibles are growing in numbers. Here's Cookie Cow, Strawberry Cow, n Rainbow Cow - all in a row. 

Last week, as soon as we posted Rainbow Cow, within hours, it went to Germany! Cookie Cow will be in ShopLaLisa soon - it's our latest design. Which one is your favorite?

Have a good and joyful day.