Monday 25 February 2013

Pan De Sal - I've done it!

Dear Bakers

The journey of bread making begins.... Our family eats bread day after day. I don't's a very easy and convinient food....I do mind the bread crumbs that lands everywhere is part of life too:)

RT faithfully bakes bread using the machine...but now I'm here to compete with him with my handmade - homemade bread. and he's delighted with this news!!

Here's the Filipino Pan De Sal I tried and WHOO HOO....I felt I reached the summit of confidence!!

I realized bread making is not difficult but it requires time and planning.

The Pan De Sal can be made with simple uncomplicated ingredients: Bread Flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water, oil. That's it! and it taste good!

The recipe says that it's best eaten as soon as it's baked.... OH...we definitely have no problem in following that instruction!!

As my confidence soar...the next thing I want to venture into is to make artisan bread....but before that, I need to bake pan de sal for several couple of times...just to make sure that actually I could do it...(I can hear my little family dancing with agreement!!) 

Perhaps, this bread roll can progress with into different flavour and variation later on.

For now...more reading is being done on bread making technique. Yes, bread making is fun!




  1. Your bread looks very light and fluffy! Where is the recipe?

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really feel nervous to know that someone who's a Pro when it comes to food, actually reads my blog - my hit and miss food journaling...I will blog the recipe for you soon:)

  2. Hi Anne, your bread look so good. Very fluffy and soft. Actually not difficult to make bread, just a matter of some patience. keep up the good work, nothing like homemade.

    Have a great week ahead.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Amelia....yes, this pan de sal is actually very nice and simple enough to do for someone like me:)

  3. Annie , your pan de sal look awesome ! They really look just like the ones I've eaten back home :D It looks fluffy and very soft ! Bread making for sure is really fun lol

    1. I always remember the sign board in bakeries that says "Hot Pan De Sal" for the 3 oclock merienda have to do it myself! Anne, can you oneday make pan de coco please and blog it? I like to try that too:)

  4. Wow Annie! Another baker in the community now... I need to start learning the ropes...

    1. Shhhh...keep it a secret Chef Alvin...they might start ordering breads and I will end up not having the time to do gardening and crocheting :D :D Seriously, thank you for your kind words...and encouragement:)

  5. Hi ,
    I'm a big fun of baking.
    I would like to try your recipe of pan de sal as it looks light and fluffy .
    I am reading about doughs and breads lately and making lots of experimants .
    Lately I succeeded the puff pastry with an "A" wooooow !!!!!!!!
    If I can succeed some ciabatta? I thing I'll reach the sky hhhhhh!!!
    Waiting for the recipe with thanks .
    Good luck .

  6. Anne, need to try making this pandesal, can i have the recipe please. Thanks.

  7. Ilhem, Vilma...this is the recipe I use:
    Pandesal Recipe
    2 cups all purpose flour
    2 cups bread flour
    1/2 cup white sugar
    5 tbsp butter, melted
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 1/4 cup fresh milk, warm
    1 pouch rapid rise yeast (about 2 tsp)
    1 tsp salt
    1 cup bread crumbs
    1 piece raw egg (sometimes I omit this)
    1 tbsp cooking oil

    Cooking Procedure
    Combine the yeast, sugar, and warm milk and stir until the yeast and sugar are fully disolved
    In the mixing bowl, combine the dry ingrdients starting with the flour then the sugar, salt, and baking powder . Mix well. Add the egg, butter, cooking oil, and yeast-sugar-milk mixture in the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients then mix again until a dough is formed. In a flat surface, knead the dough until the texture becomes fine.
    Put back the dough in the mixing bowl, cover it with damp cloth and let the dough rise for at least 1 hour
    Put the dough back to the flat surface and divide into 4 equal parts.
    Roll each into a cylindrical shape. Slice dough diagonally.
    Roll the sliced dough over the breadcrumbs and place in a baking tray. Make sure to provide gaps between doughs as this will rise later on.
    Leave the sliced dough with breadcrumbs in the tray for another 10 to 15 minutes to rise
    Pre heat the oven at 375 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes
    Put the tray with dough in the oven and bake for 15 minutes
    Turn off the oven and remove the freshly baked pandesal.
    Happy baking:)


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