Wednesday 29 January 2014

Fun Hiragana Flashcards

Dear Family & Friends

My two girls have been so diligent with their homeschooling programme, making a mother very proud:) A couple of months ago, the big girl submitted all her two years school work to the UK Education Board for a General Certificate requirement with grades all above 90. This is equivalent to Cambridge O level certificate.

As homeschoolers, we tend to do things together as family unit...including learning. There's non-stop studying a new language in our home. Aside from the ongoing: French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, and Mandarin, recently we got a 3 months online language package compensation. The big girl decided for a Japanese language programme to add to the growing list.

Three months learning programme is not, to help them with the Japanese hiragana characters, I spent a day making flashcards. These hiragana characters can be learned quicker because it got some picture story-sort of , to help the memory.

I certainly enjoyed making these flash cards, and also managed to learn all the hiragana characters myself! The grey matters up there is still working:)  OK....I ticked the list... and off I go to finish my "forever-on-going" crochet projects. I'll show them to you some other time.

A mother's job is never ending...but we all have this and that to tackle each day... Don't we? Just make sure you tackle them the enjoyable way:) It makes all the difference.



  1. Amazing! You're awesome! Love those flash cards.

  2. Its really amazing and best for beginners.Flash cards are the best way to start learning. Recently i am start learning Japanese and also purchasing a Japanese Syllabary Hiragana Flash Cards from CardDia. And its help me lot.

  3. Hello, its amazing and creative.. I am learning japanese.. Can I please get all photos of these flashcards? It will really help me
    - Anuj from India


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