Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Holiday mode of transport

Dear Family & Friends

Continuing on with our recent holiday fun memories, we've enjoyed going places in various mode of transportation mainly to experience and gain a more widen perspective in life. We all loved it and we all had good fun.

noisy and rickety tricycle ride

Sometimes we see them as not so comfortable: cramp, rickety, noisy and perhaps not too safe (that is if we don't exercise common sense). It might not be the top of the range transportation there is, but  we experienced the most friendly and hospitable treatment ride, truly unbeatable and most memorable experience:)

a motorized boat that took us across the white sand beach island

As with travelling, we also did endless walking...so good for our physical well-being too:) Fortunately for us, the weather at this time of the year was not too hot and humid.

walking on white sand beach where no sundeck is allowed - bliss and clean

So here ends some of the joy that we will always remember as part of our holiday break. All the unusual things we did. Now that we're back to our routine home and work life, it is also nice to get back to what daily living is really made of.

Wishing you a good day.


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