Wednesday 5 September 2012

Century Old Crochet Heirloom

Guess what?! I've just received a vintage heirloom from a grandma or possibly even greatgrandma of our retired English friend!! Sooo precious a gift!

Here's what I've got!! A dozen plus of very fine white crochet threads that was wrapped in a paper bag and kept so well for years!

With it came an unfinished crochet lace for a table cloth. This must be so old (100years??) and has turned cream in colour by now.

See how fine it is! I suppose this crochet project is about 1/3work done. It was passed on to 3 ladies in the family of different generations... 

I wonder why it wasn't finished? Time constraint? Lost skill thru generations?? 

It also came with this "Daffodil Tabelcloth Crochet Design" pattern. It's so fragile...pages got worn out...I couldn't find any printed date but it was bought for a sum of  4 d !!

I also got a crochet stitch booklet. I suppose this was bought by a lady of the later generation to enable her to finish the crochet project. This booklet is priced at 6 pence. (even currency term has changed at this time)

Basic crochet stitches were illustrated... 

along with some crochet patterns

I've also found an old exercise book....

As the Daffodil Crochet Design pattern got so worn out, it was then recopied to this notebook for future guidance.  

I find the handwriting so interesting too:)

Ohhhhh....I feel so giddy with excitement, looking forward to a free time where I could continue and finish this crochet project of the century!


  1. Precious gift indeed ! Hope you can finish a piece or three :D before the end of the year !

    1. Before the end of the year seems to be a very tall order...but will try:) I fit in crochet time on a daily basis till fingers get numb..but am enjoying it all...LOL

  2. My missus was into crochets too...and she always abandoned whatever she was doing halfway. Luckily, at one time, we had a helper who enjoyed doing it and she finished all of we have some very nice tablecloth for use during festive occasions.

    1. Lucky Helper too! She was given a work that she enjoys doing and gets paid too:)

  3. This project is so meaningful, looking forward to see the end result of this century old piece!

    1. :) Might have to wait for a little while longer for the result LOL

  4. copied the whole thing? That is a lot of work.


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