Wednesday 17 October 2012

Building The Pathway To The Barn

Early one morning, the concrete lorry mixer arrived to deliver us 3 cubic metres of mix cement to make our pathway to the barn.

The concrete was poured onto the street. See the 'cool' lorry driver with his crossed legs watching the cement mix forming a mount? See the wheel borrows waiting in line in anticipation?

We have to clear up this mix QUICK before it hardens... and clear it off the street as we don't really own that road either.

Yes, there's no other way but to shovel it into the wheel borrow for around 80 trips of it .

Glad we have some happy workers who didn't mind the sweat and hard labour.

This neighbour of ours is always willing to help us. He says: he's always there to help us with all his heart. Now...that's what we call  "sincere help". We do appreciate him a lot.

Before the two waiting wheel borrows of cement mix gets poured into the prepared path, he have to dampen the path with water. 

Once the cement is poured down, it has to be spread and level up. It's a long narrow path going along the front of the barn all the way to the chicken house. In front of the barn, we've lined up a few varieties of fruit trees and further on our vegetable garden.

This is another strip of pathway to do. For now, you can see two temporary mountains we managed to file up while digging the pathway. It will be cleared once the path is finished and will be seeded with grass and some shady garden area to build.

It all seems to be hard work, but there's the fruit of our labour to enjoy later on for sure. Even my big girl understands the value of work.

As Horace said:  Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work. Do you think it holds truth?


  1. What a labor intensive work ! :D Good thing you've some nice neighbors ! I'm sure the surrounding area will look great after all the hard work is over and done with .....

    1. I agree with you Anne... still working on it :-0

  2. Gosh!!! I wouldn't be able to do that. Will have to hire people and thankfully, they're not too expensive here. No need to DIY as yet.

    1. That's one thing I like in Asia...we can have people do it for us...but in this part of the world, we are the people itself...but saying that, DIY can be fun, we learn skills along the still cost money though LOL

  3. Hi Annie, your place look great, after the hard work is over I'm sure it look excellent and comfy.
    Glad that you got good neighbors to help out.
    The lorry driver sure look cool!!! LOL

    Have a nice week ahead, regards.

    1. Amelia, glad you agree with me about the COOL lorry driver...we do get nice photo shots sometimes ;D

  4. progress for sure! and the satisfaction of hard work is sometimes the best reward!


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