Sunday 21 October 2012

Crochet Fabric Basket Tutorial

Here's a simple idea on how to recycle old clothes. 

You can easily make a crochet basket for your household organizational needs, at the same time clear up the mounting clothes that have been filling up the closet.

Old pajamas are good fabric to work on, although it's a bit hard to get hold of in our household as they are so well loved by some...but I did managed ;P

Cut fabric into long thin strips

Knot them strip by strip, and form a fabric ball.

Now, you're ready to start crocheting. I use a size 6.5 MM hook. Chain 6 and join them together to form a ring. Then just slip stitch all the way to your desired size. Increasing slip stitches as you go.

When you want to shape it upward, simply decrease the number of your slip stitching. (Decrease the number of your slip stitch to make it smaller and increase the number of slip stitches to enlarge it.)

You can put another coloured fabric strips to make a design like this.

Now, I'm off to make some more rectangular basket to hold and store my kitchen towels in. Hope you'll enjoy doing this quick and simple project for yourself too :) Have fun!


  1. That's nice! But we can't keep eggs outside here...have to put in the fridge. I guess the basket can be used for fruits or other things instead.

    1. We don't keep the eggs in the fridge because we normally consume them quick (greedy??) and eggs are better in room temperature so when you boil them, they won't crack. You're right...the fabric basket can hold all sorts :-)

  2. Annie , you're so creative ! I didn't even know that you can use strips of fabric to crochet and create such a gorgeous piece ! :D And it sure looks wonderful ! You could make a killing selling it online ! :D I also love your organic eggs ! lol

    1. Thank you Anne :-) There are things I'm good at... but I don't know how to sell them :( Hey! If only you live nearby...I'd be so pleased if I could off load some of the eggs for your baking...the chickens are bombarding us with eggs for the moment LOL!

  3. Hi Annie, thank you for sharing this wonderful ideas. Your fabric basket look gorgeous and so useful. I've not do any crochet for a long long time. :(

    Wish I'm your neighbor so that you can share those eggs with me. I'm another greedy one who consume and use lots of eggs for cooking and baking. Maybe can make more blankie for teddy bear. LOL

    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  4. didnt know can make into a basket. Usually it;s made into floor matt


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