Wednesday 14 November 2012

Let me take you to Buscot Park Manor House..

If there's anything that I love UK's the greenery! Well, let's be grateful for the frequent rain, in that case:)

It wasn't very sunny that day when we visited Buscot Park...but look at the view...beautiful as ever..even on a cold misty day.

Not sure who this guy is...but I think he looks after the manor garden all year. Could be very cold with that 'fashion' in the winter, don't you think so? He must be so strong!

This is of course the Manor House. I think the park was closed for the season as there were no other people around except our group.

Cotswold is one of the most beautiful places to visit when in UK.

Don't you love these topiary trees? If only I could carry one of those back home with me to enjoy every time I pop out in my garden....  *sigh*

We were so shocked with the autumn freezing weather, cause in Bulgaria, autumn is a bit kinder than this....but hey! Look at the brilliant autumn colours we see all around. Aren't they gorgeous?

Well, It's time to say goodbye to Buscot Manor Park as we drive thru this path lined with tall beautiful trees. Hope you enjoyed this short trip with us.


  1. Hi Annie, thanks for the lovely tours. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, excellent pictures.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Hi Annie! OH, what a beautiful place! I love the lushness and mistiness of the UK. Our daughter and her husband used to live in Otley, England in the Yorkshires. Such a lovely place and we were privileged to visit a couple of times.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Annie , such a lovely place to visit ! I really enjoyed this tour :D Til next time ! lol


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