Sunday, 2 December 2012

Autumn Garden Job

What would you do when the sun comes a shining? Specially as it's warmer to be outside in the garden than to be inside the house....With a 17C autumn day, the garden is just calling my name loud and clear!

The chooks have to come out too. I still have a lot of mustard greens, but the pak choi have all bolted with flowers to produce their seeds, making the bees happy:)

I used to fight with the chickens over the pak choi...but not anymore...and yes, they can have the mustard greens too if they like. See, they're all having great fun in the sunshine too:)

Did a few experiment of propagating rose cuttings. I planted them direct in the garden and placed a plastic bottle over it to protect it from drying up before they start rooting....well... that's what I'm hoping!

I also propagated of my sedum plants in recycled yogurt pots. I will take these indoor to overwinter. That tab of hormone root powder comes handy for propagation process.

We have two Quince trees and both are very keen in giving us lots of fruit every year!  This tree is the last to bear it's fruit and the last to shed it's leaves amongst other fruit trees that we have. In a few days, it we will have tons of leaves from this one to cover the garden ground too. By now, every trees look so bare as they're preparing for hibernation over the cold winter months!

This is just one of the 7 crates of fruits that we have gathered. So, I have quince pancakes everyday...(we're still not sick of it yet..) Quince fruits keep for a while and they smell good!...There will be quince scones, quince cakes, and quince pie to come out of the oven in the weeks to come, and other re-invention that would cross my mind on the day.

See this mount of work? That's the big clean up from pulling up all the plants and annuals. Yes, they'll be decomposted by the time winter is over and ready to enrich our soil for next year's gardening once again. 

Autumn is also a good time to plant strawberries. Here are two ridges, with strawberry planted on each side. The channel in between is for the watering system. I've planted about 200 strawberry we are looking forward to have some fruits by May next year!

Well, gardening involves a lot of work...but it's a very rewarding kind of work. Although I feel tired with all that job, yet I feel good having done it! I'll be off with a big snore tonight...I'm sure:)


  1. Rewarding indeed ! All those fruits and veggies that you've harvested ! I can't wait to see your strawberry patch laden with luscious fruit next year :D

  2. Beautiful! Wish I could do half as well as you. Basically, I'm so lazy and besides, most o fthe things I plant would die eventually... Hopeless at this sort of things. Hmmm...autumn is such a wonderful time of year - love it!

  3. I have not worked with quince, no idea you could do so much with the fruits.

  4. Hi Annie, love your huge garden. I like the chickens, they sort of like having a party and enjoying the vege.

    Good harvest, so the hard work is rewarding. Keep up the good work and gardening is a from of great exercise.

    Have a lovely week ahead,regards. Looking forward to see your strawberry. :)


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