Monday, 25 March 2013

Garden Frenzy Starts

Dear Family & Friends

It's that time of the year once again when the garden is bekoning us to come out and have fun: with lots of work! March 18 (St Patricks day) is when garden frenzy starts officially here.The vegetable garden is about to start. It's always team work with our family because it's more fun that way.

This day, we planted about 100 garden peas, 260 onion sets, 150 potatoes...and everywhere you turn your face to, you're bound to face Pak Choi or Ruby chard...I sowed the seeds and they all came up happily that I just have to plant them somewhere/anywhere in my garden:)

I know, I know...I need to be ruthless and tough at some point...but for now, I can still afford to accommodate everyone :O We've also sown a variety of vegetable seeds in our tunnel... in a day's work!!

The plan was to  plant only 2 rows of potatoes (50 plants)...this means enough harvest for our family which will last for about 6 months...but I ended up planting 5 rows instead!! Oh never mind! I just cannot throw away the rest of the seedlings...hmmm, we just have to eat more:) Do you think we'll end up looking like potato soon?!

In a month or so, this barren vegetable patch will be filled with various edible the one we had last a point where we couldn't walk through anymore....pardon me if we sound like we're very greedy...but our chickens are greedier:)

This was last year's kitchen garden... it's slowly filling up with vegetables and edible flowers too.

With all the work we did... at the end of the day, I thought I couldn't get up and walk anymore...Not that I'm complaining because I had great fun working in the garden... but I never realized that I should somehow understand when to stop too.

But so glad we did what we needed to do that day, because by nightfall, the rain came and showered everything we planted...definitely a job God offered to do for us.

Before saying goodbye, here's the excitement of that same day: our next door neighbour popped in, bringing a gift for the two girls...a baby hedgehog! There's now 2 of was also a gift given by same neighbour last year....they will live in our enclosed garden and will look after themselves. They are friends of the garden because they eat the pesky slugs and snails.

Well. this is all in a day's work....of a country loving family:)

Ciao...ciao for now and you have a nice day too:)



  1. Annie , that garden come summer will look AWESOME ! Will drop by during harvest time lol

    1. Anne, that would be we will be waiting for you:)

  2. Hi Annie! I'm coming with Anne! :D

    Really envy you and family for having such big plot of land as a kitchen garden... This is just impossible here in Singapore!

    1. Alvin, with the high price of SG property (singular), you could easily buy a few big plots (plural) here in eastern europe for the come and check it out...only one issue to consider is better in Asia!

  3. Hi Ann,

    Nice that Spring is arriving at your place... but sad for me that we are getting winter soon *sign* I think I have to visit the blogs from my norther hemisphere friends more often...


  4. Wow! You have a huge garden! And you had a nice crop last year, best of luck this year too. I have never seen that animal before but it looks really cute!


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