Saturday 25 May 2013

Our Friend Kathy's Birthday

Dear Family & Friends

This is a long over due post...but here goes for memory sake:)

Our very first BBQ party in May (perfect time!)...and it was a great excuse to celebrate our friend Kathy's birthday two weeks ago:)

Another friend brought this birthday was very interesting because when they ordered a birthday cake, they couldn't make up their mind what cake they wanted....and the baker agreed on half and half a chocolate and fruity cake.

Here's the birthday girl with an enormous birthday candle on her was like a firework that you lit on New Year's day thingy!

BBQ food is easy, and having friends bring potluck works even better! We all got the chance to taste each other's food repertoire!!

Our two girls took the responsibility of setting up the old gazebo.....yet we couldn't fit everyone in...but we all sat within distance of each other, the ones who like to be nearer the food source can stay inside:)

The children played together well with various board games.

Adults did what they enjoy most...chatting or singing!, eating of course!

For some of us, it was time to show and test never know, friends might be able to give more enlightenment on the concept of outdoor shower project...

All photos were courtesy of these american couple friends of ours. (Thank you Karl)  I do admire their braveness and endurance for their decision to live and stay in Bulgaria. It is not an easy country to be in! As Europeans, it is much easier for our family...but it's not the same case for the Americans...(prrffft...I could start ranting but I'll digress) but still, they're here to join us!

At the end of the day/evening...that's all that was left of the birthday cake... it was a good celebration!

Grateful for birthdays and friends...I had a great time..even with the work included:)



  1. Annie , the 2 in 1 cake looks great :D Love the delectable spread and the outdoor setting . Belated Happy Birthday to you friend Kathy !!!!

  2. Sounds like everyone had a good time. The cake idea was genius, really pretty!

  3. Nice photos and everyone seem to be very happy enjoying themselves:)

  4. Hi Annie, love the 2 in 1 cake, very unique. Very fun outdoor birthday party. Look like everyone is having a good time eating and playing. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing with us.

    Best regards.


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