Monday 29 July 2013

Winter Preparation Already?

Dear Family & Friends

It's only July...literally, the height of summer...but look! LOGS! Beautiful logs all stacked up so neatly. I think this is a work of art!

These are preparations for the winter season! Already?! I can't for the moment think about winter I'm still enjoying the summer! But in Bulgaria, if you want to buy cheaper logs for winter is the time to buy them. Prices will tick higher and higher as the day approaches...and good logs are snatched up quickly!

Yes, we're not as organized as these people whoose stack of logs I've taken photo of....but we have been looking around for good and honest(?!) logs sellers and this is definitely a reminder for us to keep up with the many chores that comes for each season.

For now, I still have a lot of summer jobs to deal with around the house and is full of responsibility....don't you think so? Every season brings about a chore of its own for mankind...

I'll bear the chores in mind...I won't be late...but I will also take time to smell the roses while it is still here...Don't forget to enjoy each day:)



  1. You're right, we don't want to think about Winter in middle of Summer. I have a gas fire place so no need for wood logs. Also we have mild Winter here but I remember my husband helping his late father by chopping woods and stacking them when we visited his parents. Good luck with the preparation.

  2. Hi Annie, enjoyed your summer and happy gardening. Look around for better deal.

    Best regards.

  3. Annie , remember that winter is few months away so better prepare now lol How's the summer harvest , by the way ?!


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