Monday 23 September 2013

Harvesting Herbs

Dear Family & Friends

As summer is coming to a close...I know that the fresh herbs available from the garden to snip now and again as I need it, won't be there when cold months arrive.

So, before its too late, I try and save some for winter's stew meal...I started snipping extras, to store in the freezer.

I just clean the thyme, place them in a freezer bag and freeze them for future use.

We could also collect and make use some of the herb seeds from the garden for meal flavouring. 

These are coriander seeds

I must admit I'm not really good in making spectacular dishes. Every recipe I come up with is usually done with just plain measurements to go by either!!  I think using lots of herbs, fresh garden produce contributes to delicious meals! It's proven because we never have leftovers and my family eats everything with joy.... :P



  1. I like to place the in good olive oil and put it in the fridge too....
    i'ne never successed onplating corriander, lucky you my friend!

  2. You have coriander seeds as well ? Let me grab some , okay ? lol Most of the time , I never measure as well and the result tastes so much better ;D


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