Monday, 9 September 2013

Olden Way of Making Chicken Food

Dear Family & Friends

As early as July, when we observe the neighbouring wheat field ripening, we have to start putting our order for grains...they are cheap at this point, otherwise, as days goes on, prices also rises. These grains are for our chooks! We have to buy a year's worth feed.

As you know, we do enjoy some aspect of a backward country village life...almost as backward as 18th century..just kidding! Even food for the chickens are all done from scratch!! We have to bring our sacks of grain to the village miller. Notice the weighing scale...yes, it is very olden but still working!!

Then, our mixture of grains are poured into this olden grinder...

Corn, wheat, and the sunflower seeds are all mixed in manually by our jolly miller.

The grinder is definitely not 18th's powered by electricity and at the end of the funnel, we have to be ready to receive the grinded mix back into the sack.

Now, that's all of our annual activity/responsibility for our chooks. From time to time,we supplement some special feed of calcium mix needed for egg production.

At this moment, our chickens are testing our patience with shortage of egg supply...(Do I sound like Miss Twiddy of Chicken Run??)... but that's another story for next time.



  1. I would love to have chicken in my backyard where I can gather fresh eggs, unfortunately no space.

  2. I love this! It's great you're able to buy your grain whole and have it you know how fresh it is and I'm sure the chickens will love it! :)

  3. Hi Annie, very interesting posting. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Annie, you are so lucky to have local people make your chicken feed! That is awesome. Your chickens must be very happy!

  5. Annie , I'm sure back home they're still doing the same thing when mixing the chicken feed ;D Egg shortage ?! Come on chooks , Miz Annie need some for baking lol

  6. This is interesting. Some of my friends have chickens in their back yard for fresh eggs. So many cats in our neighborhood so I don't want to have them in my back yard...I can watch them all the time to protect them you know. I love that they make natural foods. I wish all the chickens in US eat like that.


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