Wednesday 16 October 2013

Autumn Fruit - The Quince

Dear Family & Friends

As the sun is streaming into the kitchen one late afternoon, I just have to capture this fruit that I picked up from the garden this morning. We had a heavy rain and wind last night and this quince didn't managed to hang onto the tree.
Quince Fruit

I think it is ready to come into our kitchen and grace our plate. The smell of this fruit is lovely and it will fragrance the room. I will be bringing in some more of these fruits in to cook soon. I'm thinking of making some fruit, stay tuned.



  1. Your quince so decorative sitting on the plate. We, too, have a quince tree and the fruit is almost ripe. The squirrels have already been sampling it. Last year I had enough for quince marmelade and still plenty to slice and bake. We love quince!

  2. This quince is gorgeous - I know it must smell marvelous! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. Hi Annie,

    You must be feeling happy harvesting and enjoying your beautiful homegrown quince. I'm look forward to see how you make it into fruit paste.


  4. Hi Annie! Looking forward to reading your quince recipe post! :D

  5. Annie , maybe a quince jam :D Any more fruit that you've harvested besides quince ?

  6. Really nice pic! I can't remember what quince smells like. I would like to paint one of those.

  7. Hi Annie, first time I see quince. Good harvest.

    Best regards.


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