Thursday 10 October 2013

Chicken Life At the End Of Our Garden

Dear Family & Friends

The following photos were taken by my little girl as she often goes into the chicken house to feed and collect their eggs. This one was taken early one evening, because she wanted to show me where and how they go to sleep. Yes, our chickens perch high for the night. I wonder if they ever fall off during their deep sleep?

A rooster and a hen at rear end are golden Apenzella Chickens..they like being high up!

During the day, they love having their dust bath. They clean themselves naturally that way...They look funny when they do that...rolling in the dirt blissfully. You can say that they're really enjoying themselves crazy!

Most of  the day, they just peck and scratch the bits of weeds, veggies and fruits that we throw in their pen to keep them busy.

Well, that's chicken life/living found at the end of our garden:)

It's such a beautiful day today...hope you also have a nice day where you are too:)



  1. Annie , no roast chicken ?! Do you still buy fresh chicken at the market or you just pluck one among the flock :D

  2. Wow! They look totally healthy. Nice going! My chore as a child was collect the eggs which I hated. Chickens were very hostile when I entered into the hen house and pecked my hands.

    We're having nice weather hear too. I hope you have a great day!

  3. Isn't chicken life the best???

  4. Hi Annie, those chicken are really cute and beautiful. Look like they are having fun fooling around the yard.

    Thanks for sharing the very nice picture.


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