Sunday 15 December 2013


Dear Family & Friends

Been overdosing myself with watching you tube videos on permaculture gardening, forest gardening, gardening how-to, and more gardening videos etc......increasingly, it made me think that I really want to be a gardener for life.

Still a lot of leafy greens to harvest, considering it's now beginning of winter

When my mother came to visit us for two months recently, she's amazed how much we grow to eat. I literally go to the garden every morning for most of the year, to pick fresh food for the has become my habit. Eventually, I think I want to grow more to share. Food is indispensable and everyone earns money to spend on food.

No, we're not self sufficient when it comes to food, never will...but I could say that we never buy vegetables and fruits in supermarkets ...very very occasionally, like when somebody gets tempted with bananas or oranges which we can't grow. Even though, buying those fruit is a hit & miss when it comes to taste:(

a gift of granny smiths apples from a neighbour's big orchard

Ideally I want the idea of bartering within the community...but saying that, I like Asian veggies and am more adventurous with variety of greens, but our Bulgarian neighbours just stick to their usual tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, potato and cabbages. So, it seems like I've got nothing that I can share with them!.

Quinces stored in boxes...there's about 15 boxes with at about a doz/box 

So, How will this plan of mine work? Will it ever do?



  1. It seems like your region is warmer than here. My garden is dead, I mean sleeping. So nice that you still harvesting fresh green. I'm so glad that you could spend time with your mother.

  2. I think if you lived here we could barter quite nicely! I have more citrus fruit (oranges/mandarins etc) than we can eat in the wintertime :)


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