Saturday 21 December 2013

Grandma's Oven

Dear Family & Friends

Have you seen one of these 'grandma's oven'? It's primitive! In our village, most of them have this as they use this for heating and cooking, placed in the one room of their house, where they sleep, cook, eat and entertain visitor, to conserve energy and save money.

This is a primitive Grandma's wood stove/oven

This year, we decided to get one for our kitchen. I think it is so cute and so 'olden'. Although we have radiators around the house for our heating, with the wood stove/oven on a very cold winter's day is just an added comfort in our kitchen area.

Saying that, I have yet to learn how to cook with grandma's stove/oven... it's not straight is so slow. I tried stir frying my veggies for a start...I managed, but what a slow process! Yes, grandma have more patience than me!

It's good for cooking stew...but one have to be prepared and be more organized with time. Otherwise, you'll find everyone's eyeballs rolling up in hunger waiting for the food! Forget about baking cakes...I'm not sure about that...but wait, let me try once more...I think it is possible...I just have to work it out.

Now, you understand why this wood stove/oven is called 'pechkata na baba' (grandma's oven). I do appreciate the village grandmas... I think they are much clever and wise than we think...for they've over come and have had the good usage of such primitive ovens for years in this village!

Olden days did had a lot of challenges and it made them tough, with better personality...don't you think so? I'm hoping I will benefit and develop a better character with all the trials that a primitive oven brings.

We all have hope in, keep aiming for a higher goal and stay happy:)



  1. I think it's beautiful! I really like the look of the oven and color is wonderful! Nice, very nice!

  2. Annie , I love your grandma's oven , I dig the vintage look :D You'll get the hang of using it ! Love your hearty soup , I certainly need a bowl or three , right now lol

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year !

  3. Hi Annie, I love the cute and beautiful oven. Your comfort stew look delicious.

    Merry Christmas to you and family. Regards.


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