Monday 30 December 2013

Our Workers Have Multiplied

Dear Family & Friends

Let me introduce you to some of our workers. We started with about 30 employees, but right now, there must me hundreds of them...we feed them but it doesn't really cost much, for they are happy non-fussy eaters and prefer eating just our scraps or even the things we don't and can't eat ourselves.

our wormery where we put veggie scraps, cardboards and any garden waste.

This is the accommodation we provide them for the work they do for us. It is also where they work and have lots of fun!!, you can rightly say: "they work from home:)"

This compost does not look attractive, but it has no smell at all.

We might not like their menu, but they love it! As you can see, there's still a whole quince fruit yet to finish, and I think those twigs will be their next priority.

Compost laid on our garden to enrich our soil that will mean healthy organic fruits & veggies

Just by giving them food of all sorts, some water, and a warmish home... they in turn give us rich compost as gratitude. The compost is given to our garden plants. In the end, we get big, healthy, nutricious fruits and veggies....then, we share some back to our workers. Yes, it's all a vicious cycle!

Don't be too squirmish about our workers...really I prefer dealing with them,  next to dealing with my plants. Both have peaceful and quiet personality.

Hope you have a nice peaceful day today... we have it here most days:)


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  1. Ha ha ha. I see this is your secret to have nice garden, right? You're so cute!


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