Friday, 24 January 2014

Vegetable Planner 2014 - Space Filler (part 4/5)

Dear Family & Friends

Perhaps you are blessed with a big space where you can plant as much as you want to...but even with a tiny space...gardening is still a very possible activity. Afterall, it's being resourceful and creative that brings part of the satisfaction in gardening.

Variety of vegetables & flowers grown together in my kitchen garden. 

If you are like me, space is always needed no matter how much you already have...perhaps just part of our human nature. But today, I will be sharing with you about some ideas of space fillers in gardening.

we had no choice but to uproot thisvery old unproductive apple tree:(

Some crops such as Brussels sprouts can be slow to fill their allotted space. Others like sweetcorn, never
completely cover the soil. Use quick-maturing bonus crops to prevent weeds from spreading. Any of the ‘sow little and often’ crops will fit the bill. For example, try turnip, radish or kohl rabi with larger brassicas.

Leafy vegetables such as spinach or lettuce will crop under sweetcorn; early peas should crop before the
runner beans need the space.

some little plants like purslane and pansies I let grow along side the courgette

It might not be appealing to some, but mixing shapes and sizes can be quite interesting too. You could always try this or that to find out what works best for you...afterall, enjoyment is also part of what we want to get out of work.



  1. I think you're very organized person. I learned a lot from you, thank you.

  2. It's definitely part of the fun isn't it? we are constantly learning new things in our garden!

  3. You are so right........small spaces can produce do many wonderful things! love this post


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