Friday, 14 February 2014

Chocolate Indulgence

Dear Family & Friends

Do you find that when you feel cold you just want to eat chocolates and more...? Or is this just my lame excuse to get into indulgence?!

With the recent holiday season, chocolates are just tempting us everywhere. I specially like this one ... and I think there's just too many nice European chocolates I can't help myself....

Crocheting and chocolates are my best friends for the moment....

This one is filled with, I'm not going to blame myself for liking it  ;P

Well, there's the Swiss makers who continues on producing products like I to be blamed again?  OK...once winter is over.....I better replace this habit with some healthy food indulgence from the garden....but for now....this will be my good excuse to enjoy life.

What have you been craving lately?



  1. Annie , nobody can't resist Lindt :D And chocolate is good for the brain , right ?! lol

  2. I agree with Anne. I love Lindt chocolate. Especially their truffle balls. I love chocolate!


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