Thursday 20 February 2014

Snowflake Crochet

Dear Family  & Friends

Here's a snow flake crochet I've been doing recently. It didn't occur to me that it seems so timely as this design was started and finished in a wintery January month.

It all started with one. Then came another....

Soon, there were a few to join together and viola!....I'm so pleased with this project. Now, I must find a place in the house for it to settle,  to make us a homey home:)

There's more crochet projects that I would like to share with you... crochet might be old fashioned but I think creating and keeping busy is as well...but I like being old fashioned...Don't you?



  1. It's beautiful , Annie ! How many box of chocolate you've consumed before finishing it lol

  2. that is just gorgeous... aren't you clever! looks very time consuming?

  3. So very cute! I think they are really nice!


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