Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Homemade Butter - a special treat

Dear Family & Friends

Our big girl who is in charge of processing the family's weekly milk provision, that is: from waking up early to collect the local milk delivery, to boiling the milk to kill all bacteria, then cool and store them for our use. Recently, she decided that she will turn a portion of the milk product into butter for our enjoyment too:)

homemade unsalted butter
We're so blessed with this teenager who got the patience to shake n shake the milk till it turn into butter! Then, she treats us by spreading it into our homemade fresh bread with some jam to really spoil us. Some days, it's just butter with bread...but even that, I can tell you that it taste sooooo goooood!

Our special treat...homemade bread with some homemade butter and jam:)
Yes, life can be so simple yet so good. Wishing you a nice day too:)



  1. Hi Annie, homemade butter!!! Wow... fantastic and it look so good. Well done, your girl is very talented.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Annie , your big girl is budding chef :D I bet that homemade butter tastes just as good as the expensive French butter !

  3. Oh homemade butter is so good! Yours looks great!

  4. Looks amazing. I would not have the patience to make it. There are times when I am all in for the store bought stuff. Enjoy your treat.

  5. Oh, yum yum yum! So beautiful :-)

  6. I don't churn butter even though I have a butter churner which I inherited from my mother-in -law. Once in a while I smell the butter paddle that come with the churner. It reminds me of my in-laws and good memories we shared. Your daughters sound very lovely. And they have awesome parents.


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