Monday 10 March 2014

Our wet market

Dear Family & Friends

Today I'm taking you on a shopping trip. You've heard about retail shopping theraphy..I don't know how it is for you...but it doesn't work for us, in fact we find shopping stressful. But we do have the need to do food shopping to stock and replenish kitchen's once every three weeks exercise for us.

This is our wet's just fruits and veggie stalls...some locally grown while others are imported such as the exotic bananas, pineapples and mangoes.

This stall sells all sorts of dried herbs and seeds that's used for food or cooking purpose. Most of them are locally grown and fresher in comparison. To prove to you, I sometimes buy some of their seed food packets and I use them to plant out in our garden and the seeds grow!

Vegetables sold in wet market are fresher than those sold in big supermarket chain stores...but of course, it's better if you grow your own in your garden...although I love seeing all the produce sold here, we don't normally buy any because we grow them ourselves in our garden.

Locally grown produce taste so much nicier. As you can see, these cucumbers still got the yellow flowers attached to it...proving to you it left the growers garden not too long ago. 

See why we call this a wet market...the place is not air conditioned nor does it have any refrigeration facilities to keep veggies cool before consumers buy vendors have the need to sprinkle water onto these produce to help keep the veggies fresh.

I love visiting wet markets now and again, just to see the various produce that's available. If you don't grow and can't grow veggies in your garden, wet market is worth supporting.



  1. Hi Anne, how you doing? First of all I love your new header, look very impressive. :)) Thanks for sharing your wet market picture, enjoyed looking at it cos I love to go wet market too. :))

    Have a nice day ahead,regards.

  2. Hi Anne, Such a colorful spot. We can't grow things like lemons, oranges or bananas here so we still have to buy them. I still have to go once a week shopping but I really would rather only go once a month.
    take care,

  3. I enjoyed the shopping trip. Unbelievable alley of fresh fruits and vegetables. So beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the shopping trip, love to see all those beautiful veggies.


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