Tuesday 1 April 2014

Brussel Sprouts Flowerets

Dear Family & Friends

We've been eating fresh greens from our garden almost all year long. Perhaps just a couple of weeks break when snow covered the ground and withold us from harvest. This Brussel Sprout had been with us since Autumn, Winter and still going strong now that it's Spring time!
Our Brussel Sprouts that just gives us flowerets
The strange thing is, our Brussel Sprouts don't form into balls like they should (a tiny cabbage look-a-like). Well, some of them do - marble to pea size - then, it starts to bloom like flowerets! So, be it! Form is not important. We harvest them as flowerets. The bigger leaves are for the chooks,and the tiny leaves for us!

Harvesting the brussel sprout flowerets

I just steam cook them for a minute, still al dente... and favour it with salt and vinegar. Nothing complicated and very quick to prepare...it taste so sweet and no bitterness what-so-ever! No one ever complains even if we have this everyday...Well worth planting this veggie. It's our family's favourite!

twin turnip - simply because I failed to distance them properly in it's early days

Another veggie that overwinters and remain sweet despite of being there for a very long time...our turnips! Also another well worth veggie to plant. Unlike the radish, it remains in the ground patiently till we are ready for it and flavour doesn't get bitter either!

Abundance of white hayacinth flowers

Beside some of the veggies that gives us joy at this time, there's also the abundance of flowering bulbs coming up everywhere...filling the garden with sweet fragrance. Well, it's because it's spring time! Hope you have a happy Spring season too:)



  1. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown veggies ! Now , if only I can grab some of your fresh produce straight from the screen *sigh* :D

  2. We never get sprouts on our brussel plants here either. I figured it was because our climate is too hot. Glad you can still get enough leaves for a harvest!

  3. Those brussels sprouts are GORGEOUS! Mine grew all summer but never got big enough to harvest :-(

    It is snowing here right now. We're still waiting for spring to really, really arrive!

  4. I like tunip. I like roasted brussel sprouts.I can't believe you're harvesting veggie already. The white hyacinth are really pretty. I have pink ones in my back yard and the scent is amazing!


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