Wednesday 9 April 2014

Will be back...

Dear Family & Friends

ALAS! My computer got severe couldn't and wouldn't remember how to start! So, I'm left with the choice of : Holiday break from the modern civilization till my husband gets me and the girls, a computer replacement. Hmmm, it might take a while...but I will be back...

For the moment, the garden is keeping me busy as's literally calling my name. I can't wait for morning to come each day and rush out there...I'm sure I will have lots of stories for you later on:)

You keep well and stay happy as always.



  1. Good luck with that computer! We've all been there with our technology :-( Have a great time in the garden!

  2. I totally depend on computer to function. I'm so impressed with your up-beat attitude.
    We really need to start planting in our garden.


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