Wednesday 14 May 2014

Everybody Is At Work

Dear family & Friends

Everybody is at work. Work is good for makes us feel worthy...and work always brings about  form of payment for labour done.

One genius guy who is working on homemade trellis archway to beautify the garden

Working outdoor is specially good...sunshine, fresh air, exercise is what our body needs from time to time, to stay healthy.

Another work project done and we look for more to do

When we get things done, it's also rewarding feeling knowing that we are capable, and that we can create a beautiful surrounding for the comings days to enjoy.

Our chicken tractors at work...they will happily clear up that patch for us

Even our chickens are at work...we get them to participate in some homestead jobs...they can do some gardening for us just like a tractor would. They too feel happy for the job given:)

Local village grandmother preparing her garden too

When we go around our village, we see old grandmothers and grandfathers working in their land...we stop and chat with them and they feel happy and proud for the hard work they are doing or have done. Yes, work can be hard sometimes, it can even bring body aches at the end of the day....but sleep comes sweet when our body is rested at night...for all you know, when morning comes, we work again:) Ah! Life....

Hope you have a nice and wonderful day today and more to look forward to!



  1. Oh Annie your chicken are so cute and plump!
    When looking at the arch, I just remembered I have not send you the double layer butterfly pea seeds.

    1. Diana, the butterfly pea has just germinated, but the jicamas, surinam spinach and luffa refuses to come out of their seeds...Our weather this year is not as maybe that's the cause. Please don't send the double layer butterfly pea seeds...I don't want you to spend postage..I'll see how the single petal progress this year first:) I'll keep you in touch. I really appreciate our kindness:)

  2. I'm back...whew...I had to go somewhere after posted comment on your previous post.

    You have such a great family! Fun to work together.


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