Monday, 26 May 2014

Keeping Busy

Dear Family & Friends

We keep busy each day...finding things to do that would be productive. Every morning we all disperse into our individual work routine. The hardworking husband earns a living for the family, the two girls do their home schooling responsibilities like clockworks, and I usually start my day in the garden...harvest food, wash and clean the produce, and do a bit of 'this & that' outside before I go back indoor for meal preparation and 'this & that' :)

Our pet tortoise on his gardening patrol..when the weather is warm, that is!

Whilst in the garden, the Tortoise is usually my company. He always finds me where I am and he too roams around that part of the garden. It's all very peaceful working in the garden, with birds chirping, bees humming, and butterflies fluttering quietly around you too. Just nice working environment.

If not earning a living, he finds plenty odd jobs around the house too:)

By midday, I would have also finished cooking a balanced nutricious meal for the family. Everyone would be ready to have a break to gather around the table for the warm meal of the day. By afternoon, we all go back to our other works...usually the two girls go back to finish some more of their studies and then out for some outdoor activities or fresh air afterwards. The adults continously find other things to work on.

Little odd jobs around sometimes complete our day's work...till another day once again. How did your day went? 

Wishing you a good week :)


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