Tuesday 20 May 2014

Weekend Cycling

Dear Family & Friends

Don't you think this is a very pretty picture? It's taken by my big girl during their cycling adventure to another nearby village...one hour ride on a bumpy dirt road...but they love this kind of weekend family activity. 

A village house up on a hill

On the way, they saw seasonal nature sights. At this time, grapevines are all looking neat with their new growth. 

Rows of neatly cared for grapevines

This village is called Boden Kamak (translated as flooded/watered Rock). It's higher up than the village we live in. For the slight elevation site, you will notice more fir trees growing out there too:)

Fir tree forest and an old van that took resident there too!

The cycling route is all on dirt road....the two girls are only encouraged to cycle around back roads. On longer journey like this, their father usually accompanies them for more fun. Me?...well, I'm a whippet... I don't take exercise and it's not fun to take me around as I complain a lot with energetic activity like this.

Straight dirt road? It's all uphill on the way to, and downhill on the way back!

I do admire the rest of our family team members. They love adventure, outdoor challenges, bumpy uphill downhill roads and pot holes doesn't seem to bother them... On their weekend long cycling adventure, I normally stay home and prepare their meals, because as soon as they arrive back home...you guessed! They are very hungry indeed! 

Big paddle on route..one of many challenges

Well, this is a bit of our routine...we are grateful because it is all made possible with good weather specially at this time of the year. 

Hope you have fun filled day too:)



  1. Very pretty :) Your countryside is so very pretty!

  2. I'm with you, Annie! My husband LOVES to cycle (he's a competitive racer) and I don't even own a bicycle. I prefer to stay at home with the animals then get ready for a big happy hour and dinner with friends!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your country side, so charming! I can ride bicycle but not really good (traumatized by accident that I had when I was young). I have not ride on it for so long and taking up space in a garage, so I sold it. But now that I saw this post, I want a shiny new one.

  4. This looks amazing!! I love chiffon and yours is tall and gorgeous :)
    Gold & silver chain by the inch


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