Saturday 7 June 2014

Have You Stop And Smell The Flowers Recently?

Dear Family & Friends

I never really liked roses for some reason...perhaps it's the torns. But last year we got some cheap  rose plants on sale. No, I couldn't resist buying a plant for just a pound each! So, that's how it got into our garden!

our first year for red climbing rose plant

Since then, I've changed my mind and decided that I love roses in my garden. Roses grow very well in this country...not much care is needed  to grow it either! Oh! Their blooms are gorgeous and very eye catching too!

Not just pretty to look at but it is so fragrant too!

The smell of this rose plant is just so fragrant. The garden smells so good...that I insist everyone that they should take time to smell it when they pass near it:)

This one smells even more stronger and sweet:)

Yes, we have to take time and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Stop and smell flowers in your garden...they are there for this reason.

Hope you have a nice and beautiful day today too:)


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