Sunday 1 June 2014

The Guilty One

Dear Family & Friends

This year, we noticed a lot of flowers on our strawberry plants... that means a bit more to indulge in...but wait! Just as we are still waiting for it to become big and redder, we've also noticed that somebody got in ahead of us!

half eaten strawberry
Still another one being munched and left half eaten!

yet another half eaten fruit!

Then we caught the culprit! Yes! in action...!

To prove to you, we even photographed him close up...he is the guilty one...see his red coated lips?!

Our tortoise with red smacking lips!

My girls had to harvest the strawberries before the tortoise get to it. It's still a novelty item at this point of time...I'm sure everyone will be fed up with it later. Although there's a lot of it this year for everyone to enjoy, I'm hoping for left over so I could try my hands on dehydrating them for snack. Am I hoping too much?!!

First strawberry harvest for the year

Since the day we caught the guilty one, we painted some tiny blue dots on his shell, so we could easily spot him in the garden...and we also built a low wall around the main strawberry patch. The other tinier strawberry patch in another part of the garden was left open as Tin Tin Tortoise can enjoy harvesting some too:)

We all should have a fair share of joy in life....Hope your day is joyful today:)


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