Friday 29 August 2014

Ugly Garden Scene

Dear Family & Friends

Before anything becomes beautiful...sometimes it have to go on some ugly stages first. Some of our older trees needed pruning so badly...we didn't have the courage to prune them before because we were ignorant about it.

Summer Pruning of Fruit trees in the garden

But, we overcame our fear, and started the deed! There's lots of tree debris yet to clear up...the fruit trees all of a sudden look so naked and bare...but we understand that this will give us a more fruitful and healthier trees later, it's called the summer pruning!!

noticed the tiny caterpillar just above it to the left

There's a lot of caterpillars in the garden at this time too...they don't really look attractive either...but as you know, after this stage, they will turn into beautiful butterfly!

That's how big this caterpillar is! to an adults hand!

We saw this particular caterpillar on our's huge!! and a bit scary-looking thing. I don't know what kind of butterfly it will turn into... must be a giant butterfly, because it's as big as a human finger.

Ugly scenes....but I hope I will be able to update you with the beautiful results of the present ugly scene..on a later date...the pruned trees and perhaps...who knows...I could catch a photo of this soon to be butterfly too??!

Wishing you a good day!



  1. you have beauty to look forward to! That caterpillar is so big!!! What a cool find!! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xoxo

  2. Annie , I spied several fruits on the first pic , are those apples ?! It might be a bit creepy but that caterpillar looks pretty , in a weird way :D I wonder what it would look like ?! Anyway check this link Everything you need to know about bees

  3. Wow! Huge caterpillar! I don't see any ugliness in this post. Your family is amazing and have great work ethic.


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