Monday, 29 September 2014

Flowers in September Garden

Dear Family & Friends

It seems cooler these days...I think autumn has arrived a few weeks earlier compared to last year. Nonetheless, there are still many flowers around to enjoy in the garden. As sun shines, we can see lots of butterflies and bees swarming around these flowers.

fascinating globe artichoke flower, one in it's full glory and the other one on it's way out

In the garden this year, we planted globe artichoke...the young flower bud can be eaten, but we never tried it because we were just so mersmerized with the beautiful and very showy purple flower. We let them all bloom because it's our first time to have these unusual flower. Next year's bloom or flower bud, we will definitely try eating them.

globe artichoke in 3 stages: bud, full bloom and dried up flower

For now, the bees and butterflies are all enjoying the artichoke flower till they turn old and brown. I'm curious at this point to see if I could get any seeds from the dried flowers.

lavender giving us  it's second bloom for the year

The lavender had given us a lot of flowers for potpouri in early summer time, but it has started to bloom again, it's second round! Although not as many flowers spikes as the first bloom.

purple & green basil in bloom

Another purple flower that the bees loves at this time of the year is the tiny flowers of the green and purple leaves basil plant. I'm not sure about the exact name of this basil but it does taste a bit of liquorice.

colourful and cheerful Zinnias

Some of the Zinnia flowers have ran out of steam...but a lot of them are still carrying on with their colourful blooms here and there.

Aster and French marigolds

The french marigold are tough...they are everywhere. I wanted to pull them out because they are just taking over every space...but most of them were left to their own device because I see hundreds of bees getting their nectar...I didn't have the heart to tidy them up for the sake of tidiness. Other flowers I see coming up with lots of promising buds is this aster and the chrysanthemums too. Yes, autumn is on us:)

Well, if we could, we like to stay outside, do outside jobs, just to be amongst all these lovely flowers, fluttering butterflies and humming bees of all sort.

Hope you are having the same autumn fun as we have. Enjoy your day:)



  1. So much beauty still blooming in your garden! Those artichoke blooms are so very pretty! And your zinnias are just awesome! I need to plant more of those next year! Happy fall to you....our trees are dropping their leaves a bit earlier this year too! Nicole xo

  2. Lovely! And charming post!

    I don't know where my week went...but finally sit down and able to read your blog is blessing. It's getting cool in the morning here too. Take care.


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