Sunday 30 November 2014

Autumn Is Here

Dear Family & Friends

For the past days we had low clouds, rain and not much of sunshine... it's getting cool...autumn cool!

Autumn's golden trees

Outside, the trees are all turning golden. A beautiful sight, but not for long, because Mr wind is coming to blow them all fact, he already started and the garden looks so messy. I must take courage and go out there to tidy up a bit one of these days...

The village shepherd and his sheep on their way home

The day is getting shorter too. The shepherd and their sheep comes home much earlier than they used to. It's so charming to hear the clanking bells on the herds as they walk past our lane on their way home.

A barn full of logs for the coming cold cold days

Inside our little home, our log burner has come to live again. We start the log burner going at about 4 in the afternoon till 7 in the evening, just to take the chill off. As we get nearer winter, I'll probably be hugging that log burner more and more. For now, we're grateful that our barn is filled with logs and are assured of a warm and comfortable little home for the cold days ahead.

There's no place like home. Hope you are enjoying and making the most of your HOME. Keep happy!



  1. I would love to hear the clanking bells as the sheep passed!!! And how cozy to have the fire going! Looks like you all have a great load of wood there! Beautiful photos friend! Nicole xo

  2. Your family is well organized and well prepared for the coming of chilly months. I think I'm spoiled, no need to cut woods... your calmness, humbleness with gratitude is admirable.


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