Saturday 10 January 2015

January is Cold

Dear Family & Friends

January is probably the coldest month in this part of the world, yet we do get a lot of sunny days...still it's cold. Some of us do brave the weather and find some outside projects to work on.

With rain and coming snow, barn roof drips lots of water onto the gutters were set up.

At this time of the year, or just before the year end, our neighbours usually slaughter their piggies for winter meat provision. The last squeal of the poor piggies sometimes freaks us out...but that's part of the village life that we have to get used to and be brave...toughen up we must!!

Our yearly cabbage and pork bits share from our neighbour when they slaughter their piggy.

In our kitchen, our little baker carrys on with her baking provision...we seem to get a lot these days...perhaps the little girl is on growth spurt...or probably she feels cold and this is another way of keeping warm in the winter season.

A plate of piggy cookies is what my little girl came up with to keep the theme.

Cooking techniques varies as kitchen temperature changes...These days, I have to brew the homemade yogurt by placing them in our slow cooker to help it set. By that I mean, we just use the slow cooker  pot without the need to plug in for further heat. Although in the warmer months, we simply leave our yogurt in any container and wrap a tea towel over it to keep it warm to set.

Yogurt is setting up nicely using our slow cooker pot as container during the cold season

In life, there's time and season. Some of the things we have to adjust and fiddle about to fit in better.

Outside in our garden, all of our plants look so sad and frozen with our daily minus centigrade temperature. I feel so sorry for them..and for myself, sometimes! But I'm hoping that you are keeping warm/cool and happy where you are:)



  1. That yogurt looks amazing!! As does your dish up there! I would have to adjust to that too as I love pigs....but I do understand the need for food. How wonderful that they share with you! And how awesome are those cookies from your sweet baking girl!! Stay warm buddy! Nicole xo

  2. The piggy cookies are so cute! I love to have the cookie cutter...I wonder if Amazon has it? Winter here is not too bad..plenty of rain though. Take care.


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